A Podcast to bring our listeners new and reusable content for their next D&D adventure.
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Our weekly Dungeons and Dragons podcast was created to provide guidance to our heroes and deliver new and reusable material for both players and DMs. We hope to inspire you with creative content that you can bring with you on your next adventure. Our show may not be suitable for young children, but neither is our D&D game.

Our podcast is broken into four segments!

  • In the Realm! Where we discuss a little bit about what is going on in our lives.

  • Let's talk about blank! Where we dedicate and entire segment to the concerns, questions or anything you have to share with us.

  • Main Topic! Our primary topic of discussion ranging from combat effectiveness, roleplaying and similar tips to help you learn or improve your gameplay experience!

  • Our Unearthed Tips & Tricks Segment! Our favorite segment where we share with you ideas that you can use on your next adventure. This includes character concepts, monster variants, magic items, encounter ideas, DM tips and player tips.

Justin - Host

I have been playing role playing games for many years. Some games I've played are; Rifts, AD&D, 3.5, 4e, 5e, Pathfinder and 13th Age. I love the social aspect and spending time with other like minded people. I love allowing my imagination flow like diarrhea after eating Mexican food! I have a long way to go when it comes to rules. But, I constantly try to learn and memorize as much of the game as I can...just to forget it later. I try to be the best player and DM I can be! I love teaching newbies the ropes, even if I sometimes cut them while they are hanging from them. I hope you will come on an adventure with us. Keep your blades sharp and spells prepared Heroes!

Ian - Co-Host

Gamer in his late twenties that works 3rd shift for a local TV station. Started tabletop gaming in 2006 with DND 4th Ed and been going ever sense playing Mutants and Masterminds, Pathfinder, Dragon Age, Feng Shui and more ever since.

Brandon - Co-Host

I've been playing dnd since late 3.5E. It took a while to grasp but of course the more I played the better it got. I've only recently started DMing. I have some flaws but I can rely on Justin and others to help me along the way. I've even made my own mod which surprisingly goes over pretty well. Justin and I have been friends since we were 8 years old. I can't think of any greater honor than being on a show with him such as Crit Academy. As for myself I am an artist. I run my own studio and will be implementing Crit Academy Art Studios. Where you can commission me to make art of your characters, weapons, and items. The proceeds goto helping us survive and making the academy even bigger and better. One of our favorite things to do is give away free phat loots! This includes free art commissions from myself. I look forward to bringing you all some of the most awesome unearthed tips and tricks ever!!! Blades sharp, spells prepared, LET'S ROCK!!!

Ryan (Co-Host Episodes 1-28)

Hey Heroes! I love long walks down on the beach in my favorite baby blue speedo. I much prefer the company of myself, you know, because I'm fabulous. I'm extremely busy in school learning Japanese so that I can cosplay like a boss! In addition I'm pretty sure I know everything and love to start arguments on Facebook with people of lesser intelligence, which is pretty much everyone in my opinion. So yeah that's me. Love me!

(Ryan moved on from the show to focus on his adventure of mastering another language to become an interpreter.)

Camden (producer Episodes 85-103)

Hey, Camden here. I'm a youngling of only 21 years and I've only ever played 5e, but it's something I really love and I cherish the opportunity to contribute to Crit Academy Studios! I just finished my bachelors at Loyola University Chicago and still live in the city with my best pal Sam, who is also an avid dungeon boy and competitive MTG player. I've been working with music, sound design, and audio engineering since I was about 16 just as a hobby so I could DJ my high school's dances, but it's something I've gotten really good at over the years so I kept doing more and more with it. I have my own music project called Shhh where I make indie electronic and dance music, I frequently DJ in and around the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, and I was the director of my a cappella group at Loyola, The AcaFellas. It's a privilege to be part of the Crit Academy team as producer/editor/audio guy and to help make Justin, Ian, and Brandon's high-quality content sound as best it can, as ever for our heroes to partake in some unforgettable D&D.


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