Capes & Crooks utilizes the core rules for the 5th Edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game, and adds its own unique twist. You will take on the role of a superhero (or a villain if you prefer) and completely customize your character with unique origins, roles, powers, and alter-ego’s. With a group of friends and a bit of imagination, you will strike out on dangerous missions and terrifying challenges, from stopping bank robbers and handling deadly hostage negotiations, to slaying monstrosities created from a mad scientist’s experimentations. You will also have to deal with the realities of a law and order society that doesn’t exactly look kindly on those with powers.This book will contain a full world setting, character creation rules, equipment, powers, enhancements, magic items/tech, monsters, villains & NPC’s, and a full adventure. It’s three sourcebooks rolled into one!


Capes & Crooks takes place in the ultra-modern world of Terra, a place of science, technology, evolution and even ancient lost magic. 25 years ago people around the world found themselves mysteriously imbued with fantastical gifts. Now called deviants, these people take on many roles as they struggle to find their place in this new world. Some wish to use their gifts to help others, some to gain wealth and power, and some to do evil to satisfy their darkness. In a world where what is right, and what is the law often conflicts, how will you choose to use your powers and conceal your identity from those who wish to stop you?


There will always be good and evil; light and dark. There will always be Capes & Crooks!

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