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Crit Academy

In 2016 we were inspired to create the D&D Podcast Crit Academy. Our discussion podcast provides guidance and inspiration to both players and DMs. We achieve this through product review, inspirational ideas and concepts, D&D tips and tricks, and of course, open discussion. In 2019 We expanded our show by launching as a Livestream on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch every Sunday.


Over the last 4 years Crit Academy has also become a successful publisher of 5e D&D resources. We've released over 20 products, are in the fulfillment process of our first successful Kickstarter campaign, and are preparing to launch a new Kickstarter this fall. We also have the opportunity to release new content every month through our Patreon page. ​

We invite you to explore our products and see what tickles your dice!


Saturday, May 29th 10am-12pm (EDT) Join us in a game of Capes & Crooks a NEW 5e Superhero RPG

Capes & Crooks brings superheroes to the 5th Edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game. Take on the role as your very own deviant, a superpowered person with unique powers and abilities. Choose a role that fits your playstyle, then customize your character with powers and enhancements creating your own unique deviant.

Saturday, May 29th 4-7pm (EDT) Join us as we run Menace of the Icy Spire (D&D 5e)

Winter should be months away. But the chill breeze says otherwise. Locals in Loudwater have petitioned Lady Moonfire to send scouts up to the temple of Silvanus to find out what's going on. Suspicion naturally fell upon evil magic, as it usually does in these sorts of cases. You and your party have been tasked for uncovering the source of the early arrival of winter. Winter isn't coming...it's already here.

Sunday, May 30th 7-9pm (EDT) Join us as we stream our Crit Academy Podcast.

A Dungeons and Dragons discussion on Plane Shift MTG Settings

Saturday May 29th & Sunday May 30th 12-1pm & 6-7pm (EDT) Join us in the Dealers Alley

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Dm's Guild is where we got our start in self-publishing. We released our first product in 2018 and we now have over a dozen bestselling titles!

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Over the last year, we have moved more of our releases to Drive Thru RPG which has allowed us to start offering Print on Demand products. We have over a dozen releases here with more Print on Demand in progress!

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Our Webstore offers all of the same products as Drive Thru RPG but it allows us to retain 100% of the sale price. You get the same products for the same great price but we get to keep more of it to invest back into new products!