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Unearthed Tips & Tricks

(Technical issue caused the loss a lot of our show notes. So we are working diligently to restructure this area with show notes  as well as unearthed tips and tricks. Thank you for your patience.)

In this section we give you samples of some of the material in our Unearthed Tips & Tricks segment of the podcast. This segment is dedicated to providing you with creative and reusable material for you to use on your next adventure! Make sure to listen to the full podcast to get a walk through and commentary on our UTT's.

Dungeon Master Tip: Evolving Weapons!
  • Allow players to quest to increase the effectiveness of a weapon.

  • Parts of the weapon are scattered across the world.

  • Sacred pilgrimage to unlock hidden potential.

  • Find a mage to give it a powerful enchantment/curse

  • Slay a powerful beast to lock its essence within the weapon.

Player Tip: Don't be a Dick! Do Stuff!
  • What is my goal?

  • What do I know?

  • Do I need more information?

  • How would my character react?

  • Ask questions!

  • Take notes!

Magic Item: Power Pole!
  • A Bo Staff or Quarterstaff that extends to have reach for a short time.

  • Can be used to pole vault over large gaps or any other clever and creative uses your players have for it.





Encounter: The Controlled Innocent!
  • Moral Ambiguity

  • Young child or young women is being controlled by some sort of dark magic.

  • The innocent is killing people.

  • Killing the innocent will kill the controller?

  • Find another way to remove its influence


Character Concept: Depressed Medic!
  • Used to serve in military as combat medic. He was kicked out after he it had been discovered he had severe depression and thoughts of suicide. Slowly started to see the evil in people's hearts and decided they may not be worth saving.

  • Changed jobs to become a slayer of evil.

  • Sometimes helps people along the way. But often finds it inconvenient.



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