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Dungeon Dressing: 20 Orcish Taunts, Insults and Curses to find in your Dungeons & Dragons Game

Orc with bow and arrow

The fantasy world is one of adventure, magic and monsters. Many of the world's enemies are intelligent creatures. Orcs and their raiding parties are some of the most common that adventurers will encounter. During a battle, it's not uncommon for orcs to hurl savage curses, insults and threats at their foes. Use this list to bring your orcs to life with taunts, insults and curses.

20 Orcish Taunts, Insults and Curses to find in your Dungeons & Dragons Game

  1. Yer fightin skills are like that of treehuggin elf. More dancin then fightin.

  2. By Gruumsh’s missing eye! A goblin be stronger then ye.

  3. Yer face looks like a mess I left in a chamberpot this mornin.

  4. I’ll gut ya like dear and fill my wall with your head.

  5. Gruumsh won’t bless me with your defeat.

  6. By Baghtrus’ bicep!

  7. Scrawny tuskless prey such as yourself will not amount to much of a challenge for me axe!

  8. I’ll make each and every one of you a sacrifice to Gruumsh!

  9. Ye son/daughter of Corellon. Yer weapon hits like a cotton loincloth.

  10. By Gruumsh’s lost eye!

  11. You’re about as sharp as my axe, and it hasn’t seen a whetstone in years.

  12. You’re such a fool. I’d bet my axe you’d give a mindflayer indigestion.

  13. You snivelling, elf-loving, drooling maggot! I’ll break your face with my fist.

  14. Grind my rusty axe!

  15. I’ll have yer head placed on my spear and left outside fer the bugs and birds to feast on.

  16. Me feel sorry for ya. So, me give you start. By my oath to Gruumsh. Me only kill ya with me axe, and maybe my spear should you try to run.

  17. Tiny tuskless goblin shite!

  18. Yer rottin stench fills me nose ya vomiting troglodyte.

  19. You decrepit lice-ridden spear-catcher!

  20. Bah! Take an arrow to the eye!

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