• Justin Handlin

5 Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Themes

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Just as settings have personalities that shape adventures that take place there, the theme of a campaign gives a distinct flavor to its stories. A collection of adventures where the adventurers go from dungeon to dungeon with no connection feels very different from a year-long struggle against Cult of the Dragon that culminates in a final showdown with the Tiamat herself. Changing up your campaign theme can not only enhance your tables game experience but will also improve your Dungeon Master skills by adding powerful tools to your DM Toolkit.


This campaign resembles an episodic TV show. Each session the heroes move from one distinct setting to another such as a dungeon, cave, forest, or new town. They solve that session's problems, then move on to the next issue that needs dealing with. Once it's done, a fresh new start almost every session.

This is a great format for cycling DM’s and allowing everyone to be in the hot seat. This is the simplest of themes to run, each story is self-contained. My favorite aspect of this is that there is always a start, middle, and conclusion. An entire store unfolds and concludes. While sometimes it can feel rushed, it's nice to beagle to have a quick sense of accomplishment.