• Justin Handlin

5 Easy Ways I Make my D&D Games Awesome for my Players

Updated: Nov 14

Magic Dungeons & Dragons Spellbook

Dungeons & Dragons is a complex game. This means being a Dungeon Master requires a bit of homework to really understand and get the most out of the game. While the books do a great job of breaking down the rules and details of running a game for your friends. Over the years there are some little tips that I've learned that just make my game better for all of us. So, here is a list of '5 Easy Ways I make my D&D Games Awesome for my Players'.

Free Speech Phase

Think of your favorite intense battles in popular fiction. The hero and villain lock swords, and they taunt or plead with each other between sword blows or the villain begins monologuing as the battle rages on.

The current DnD ruleset doesn’t exactly allow for this type of situation to happen smoothly in combat. We recommend at the end or the start of every initiative round add a special phase. the players (and NPCs) can speak freely amongst themselves before starting the next round.

The players and NPCs can use this to discuss tactics, ridicule each other, or even have NPCs provide commentary. Whatever you use it for, it’s a quick and easy way to make your battles more cinematic and memorable.