• Justin Handlin

5 Most Underused Monsters in Dungeons & Dragons

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The world of Dungeons & Dragons has hundreds, even thousands of monsters for a Dungeon Master to choose from. But, we can often find ourselves using some of the same monsters on a regular basis. A goblin, kobold, and orcs to name a few. But there are so many more interesting monsters to flesh out your adventures and stories with. We polled our audience and discovered what are some of the most underused monsters in D&D.

In this episode not only will we discuss these monsters, but we will also delve into the myriad of different ways you can get the most out of them in your D&D game.

What are the most underused monsters in Dungeons & Dragons?

Galeb Duhr monster dungeons & dragons
Galeb Duhr

5. Galeb Duhr: The galeb duhr is a boulder-like elemental creature with stumpy appendages that act as arms and legs. It has the ability to animate the rocks and boulders around it, and is thus usually encountered in rocky terrain.

The unique features of this creature really put it a stones throw away from necromancers. They can magically animate nearby boulders instantly increasing their ranks, but the creatures themselves don't require sustenance. This makes them perfect guardians. Nevermind the fact they can ambush even the most observant of adventurers with their fal