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5 New Magic Items for your D&D Games

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5 New Magic Items for your D&D Games

The years die, burned to nothing by time, darkening my memory with their passing-like soot that builds upon a hearth beam. I am Mordenkainen, and although I do not look it, I am old. I have outlived rivals, enemies, and friends. I have lived long enough to see rivals become friends and friends become enemies-and to see enemies returned to the fold of friendship. But for a few dust-mad liches dreaming in their lonely tombs, my friends and I represent the last of the

old guard. Who born in the last forty years can measure themselves an ounce of the worth of Otiluke, Bigby, Tenser, or Robilar-or even Rary or Evard?

Bah! What does it matter? I grow self-pitying as I approach the end of a century. Surely the young fools who test the wards upon my vaults are no younger or more foolish than my companions and I were when we delved into the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk or Maure Castle. They all have their reasons,just as we did long ago.

And what are those reasons? What draws adventurers today to plumb the death-trap depths of the earth and brave the terrors of curse-bound ruins? What called us to do the same in the past-and drives me still?

It all boils down to power: the wealth that can buy it, and the magic that can wrest it from the ether.

-Mordenkainen, Magnificent Emporium-

The world of Dungeons & Dragons is filled with powerful wizards, dragons, and most importantly, treasure. One of the best parts of playing D&D is gathering lots of fun and powerful trinkets. 5 new magic items for your stories and campaigns.

Frigid Whetstone

A weapon honed with this translucent blue crystal whetstone becomes coated in a magical icy frost.

Wondrous item, rarity varies

As a bonus action, you can touch this whetstone to a melee or ranged weapon. The weapon is imbued with ice magic that erupts from the weapon for 1 minute. The frigid wisps of frost dance from the weapon. While the weapon is imbued with magic, it deals extra damage based on its rarity and its speed is reduced by 10 feet until the start of your next turn. This weapon counts as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.

The whetstone can be used only once, after its power is consumed it turns to ash.

...Frigid Stone Rarity Damage

Common 1d4

Greater... Uncommon 2d4

Superior... Rare 2d6

Supreme... Very Rare 4d6

Helltouched Amulet

Shaped in the likeness of a devil and adorned with infernal etchings, this monstrous amulet is a boon to those with hellish blood.

Wondrous, Rare (requires attunement by a Tiefling)

This amulet has 3 charges and regains 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn. While attuned to this amulet your blood warms with its infernal power. Spells that use your Infernal Legacy have their saving throw DC increased by 1. Additionally, if an enemy damages you with an attack within 60 feet of you, you can use your reaction to expend 1 charge to cast hellish rebuke at its lowest level.

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Jar of Wild Magic - Submitted by Andrew W.

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This glass container is swirling with a liquid made up of every color of the rainbow, including some you’ve never seen before. While attuned to the jar, when the caster casts a spell of 1st level or higher, they must roll a d20. On a 1, part of the magic’s raw power is absorbed by the jar.

When captured this way, the magic appears to fill the Jar with more of the colorful liquid. As it fills the jar gives off a light golden glow and the swirling speeds up.

As an action, the jar's cap can be removed releasing some of the stored energy inside and spending a charge. Roll on the wild magic surge (PHB) table to determine the effect. The Jar can store up to 4 four charges and will break if it tries to absorb more. When found, the Jar has 1d4 charges stored.

If the last charge is used, roll a d20. On a 5 or lower, the container shatters releasing a beautiful rainbow before disintegrating.

Orb of Augmented Stasis

Wondrous, Uncommon (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This elegant pommel-sized sky blue spherical gem is imbued with magic to enhance the users binding magic. This item counts as an arcane focus. While holding the orb, your spell save DC and spell attack bonus each increase by +1 when you cast spells from the school of enchantment. Additionally, as an action to cast the hold person spell from it at its lowest level. You cannot use this feature again until the next dawn

Ricochet Sling

Sling, Uncommon

When you fire ammunition that doesn’t break on impact from this sling, it bounces off the target and a weak magic guides it toward another target.

When you make an attack with this weapon and hit a creature, choose another creature that is within 5 feet of the target. If the original attack roll can hit the target and it is within range of your weapon, the target takes half the attack's damage rounded up.

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