• Justin Handlin

50 Notice Board Quests for Dungeons & Dragons

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Dungeon Masters! Do you ever find yourself in the need of quick quest hooks or short adventures? With these 50 Notice Board Quests, you will always have something ready when your characters decide to bob instead of weave.

50 Notice Board Quests was developed by Drop the Die with the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition tabletop game in mind, but when writing it, their goal was to give only the framework for potential quests players could choose to involve themselves in. This pretty much means it’s system and setting agnostic! Making it a powerful tool for all Dungeon Masters.

Image of parchment note with D&D quest hooks

Consider, also, that each notice/hook may lead to a much different long-running quest. This means that each of them is extremely malleable.

For example; One could take a notice to investigate a missing child, and become embroiled with c