• Justin Handlin

Being a Dungeon Master

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Crit Academy discusses the art of being the Dungeon Master or DM in a Dungeons and Dragons game. We believe that being a DM is one of the best jobs in the game. You get to take on many different roles, this includes building the world, playing the NPC's, running the monsters and assisting the players in their D&D/RPG experience.

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Character Concept:

Depressed Medic

Most people imagine a healer as being an altruistic, friendly cleric who is always looking

for the best in people. What if, instead, they follow their own definitions of good and evil

and only help or aid people that they feel are truly worthy?

This character was once a combat medic, but he was discharged from the military when

it was discovered he suffered from severe depression. After his discharge, he began seeing

evil everywhere, and he took up a mighty maul and vowed to rid the world of evil wherever he saw it. If he caught a thief, he’d break a hand or two so they couldn’t thieve again. Not everyone agrees with his methods, so he’s not always welcome in every party.

Encounter Concept:

The Chaotic Escort

For this encounter, the players’ goal is to protect and deliver an individual with an unexpected chaotic power: a wild magic surge that occurs at inopportune moments. The

individual themselves can be pretty much anything, but you want them to be something

unassuming and ordinary: like a young child or an inexperienced noble. The catch is, whenever they get stressed - like, say, when bandits attack or if a sudden storm makes the road hazardous - their innate uncontrollable magic takes effect.

Whenever something triggers it, roll on the Wild Magic Surge table from the Sorcerer class

description. An otherwise straightforward encounter with some bandits might become just

a bit harder when the escort suddenly engulfs themselves in a fireball or randomly teleports

to and from the Astral Plane.