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Bring Pokémon Monsters to your Dungeons & Dragons Game

Do you want to be the very best?

Like no one ever was?

To catch them, is that your real test?

Is training them your cause?

Will you travel across the land?

Searching far and wide?

Use this guide, to understand.... the power that’s inside!


In a world like Dungeons & Dragons, monsters roam the land. They come in all sorts of terrifying, and adorable sizes and shapes. This means the variety isn’t just limited by what has been officially released. With the help of the Dungeon Master’s Guide and the internet, you can pretty much make whatever monsters you want. This includes pop culture creatures such as Pokemon!

I grew up on Pokemon. What started off as just a TV show I would watch, occasionally missing the school bus to do so. Just to get yelled at by my mom, who now had to take me to school. Pokemon, or the “Pocket Monsters” as their name implies in Japanese is not only a popular TV show. It is also a massively successful trading card game and video game series with a dedicated fan base (including me). The principle being that trainers would venture out into the world and catch all the pokemon, to train, care for, and battle for supremacy in tournaments. With over 151 in the first series, the variety of unique monsters screams to be added to a tabletop RPG game such as D&D. So, I suppose it was only a matter of time before a die-hard fan combined their love for the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and Pokemon.

Enter, Timothy Gonzalez creator of the Pokemon Monster Manual! This product brings all of

the original 151 Kanto region pokemon to your D&D 5th Edition game as monster statblocks. The coolest thing that I think Tim nailed was the powers pokemon have. Each pokemon has a set of powers that come in a variety of forms. For example, a water-type pokemon such as Squirtle may have attacks such as water gun, withdraw and bubble beam. Across all forms of media, each pokemon has a variety of skills, but some are just iconic. Such as bubble beam. Tim did a great job including some of these iconic powers for each of the pokemon, as well the great attention to detail to their evolved forms.

Overall, we were extremely impressed with this fantastic fan-made cross between Pokemon and Dungeons & Dragons. Tim has made this entire product available for free. In addition, he has released several additional pokemon supplements that include other regions such as (insert regions).

You can watch the full episode of our show here as we cover several of our favorite pokemon, their powers, and evolutions.


You can pick up the Kanto Pokemon Monster Manual Here!

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