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Capes & Crooks: Superheroes in your Dungeons & Dragons 5e Game

Updated: Jun 21

Capes & Crooks: Superheroes in your Dungeons & Dragons 5e Game

Do you love superheroes? Do you want to play your favorite classic hero or build a unique hero of your own design? Then Capes & Crooks is for you! We are super excited to spend this episode talking about our upcoming Kickstarter Capes & Crooks: A 5e Superhero RPG. Let's be honest, many of us have watched cartoons, movies or read comic books with superheroes. Growing up on these fed our creativity and inspired us in many different ways. The Dungeons & Dragons 5e ruleset is a fantastic and flexible system. It was only a matter of time before we asked the question, "Can we build superheroes in 5e?" We weren't sure at first, but it quickly became evident that we could.

Now, it's worth noting, that there are some features that don't lend themselves well to a superhero game. Combat mechanics, class mechanics, and a few of the rules. With just a few minor adjustments, we were able to take the core of 5e and successfully create a playtest Superhero RPG game. In this episode, we will discuss design choices, world-building, and everything else that went into the start of this super setting's world and mechanics.

Please join us live at 7pm EST 6-20-21

Capes & Crooks a 5e Superhero RPG playtest streams bi-weekly on Fridays. This is our upcoming Kickstarter Project that launches 6/29/21. To sign up for notifications on this project visit our website!

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Character Concept:

Corin Devorn - Half-Elf

Description: This fat southern man has a bulbous nose and dresses well wearing tan shirts, loose pants, and blazers most of the time. His skin is also unnaturally pale. His hair is auburn and very short. He wears round tiny glasses practically rammed into his face.

Personality: While he can be a bit rude and blunt, he does have a softer side. He is consumed with his love of poetry. He constantly tries to fill his life with it. He is fiercely devoted to his mother, and views his mother's ex-spouse as an evil person for separating him from his legal half-sister.

History: He was born to a pair of big game hunters, but was frequently ill as a child. He found a children's book about a Half-Elf Expert who fought for good and justice and never realised it was just a child's story. He modeled his life after the story, seeing himself destined to be a hero. He guards a vault combo very seriously as well as the key needed to open it.