• Justin Handlin

Changing Spellcasting Modifiers in D&D 5e

Guest Blog by Andy Johnson

Andy is the game master of Trick Roll on geekysidetv.com and filmmaker on www.warpedfilms.com

In the past, I have been known to get into debates online as one is prone to do at times. While this is often not a great policy it can lead to some interesting ideas, one of which was why can't a warlock use intelligence as their casting trait?

The prevailing rumor is that this was the intention with 5th edition but the playtesters said that charisma just felt right and so it was so. But with the recent release of the lineage system, a new thought occurred to me. A thought, that in retrospect should have been there all along. Why not change it?

The first rule of the book is to have fun and do what works for your table after all. So why can't my warlock be an intelligence-driven caster who dared to learn forbidden knowledge to gain their power?

Many often assume the warlock is at the whim of their patron but a great old one might not even k