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Class Analysis: Cleric and Paladin

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Crit Academy breaks down the Cleric and Paladin features in the Dungeon and Dragons Player Handbook. We touch on the mechanics and how they function, as well how we would reflavor them to give them a fresh and unique feel.

Often times the Cleric is only ever seen as a healer, but with D&D5e's domain archetypes, they can not only fill that role, but many others. Being a War Domain Cleric who battles on the front lines, or Nature Domain Cleric whose cure wounds takes on the form of small collection of beautiful glowing butterflies, regardless of the domain chosen, the Cleric can approach the deadly adventuring world in a multitude of ways.

The Paladin, the holy knight, defender of all that is good. The Paladin's unique smite feature puts them on the top of the damage per round(DPR) charts. Converting spell slots into smite fuel, as it's often referred. The smite is such a fun roleplay mechanic, as a player can really flavor it anyway you want. A few examples, a holy beam of light from the heavens, a golden flame that surrounds the Paladin's weapon or a blast like energy beam from the end of their shield. You can choose.


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Character Concept:

Personal Space

Have you ever known a person who simply had no concept of personal space? They get way too close when talking to you, they reach in front of your face to grab things, they take some of your food without asking, and so on?

This is that person. There isn’t much to this character concept mechanically, but it leaves the doors wide open for roleplay. Maybe your character is a grappler and grapples other characters without even realizing it. Maybe they like to use the Shove action to move

other people out of the way. They could have a high Intimidate skill because nobody wants

to be around them, or they could have high Persuasion because they’re good at getting

people to do what they want through their…force of personality.

Monster Variant

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Boneshard Skeleton