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Class Analysis: Wizard

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Crit Academy breaks down the features of the Wizard in the Dungeon and Dragons Player Handbook. We touch on the mechanics and how they function, as well how we would reflavor them to give them a fresh and unique feel.

The Wizard is a class that needs no introduction, powerful spellcaster who studies night and day to unravel the secrets of the cosmos. Being a wizard gives you a wide variety of versatility as a player. From spells such as fly, shield, teleportation, and so much more. But, lets be honest. The real reason everyone plays a wizard, fireball! Cause let's be real..who doesn't like to blow stuff up? Fireball is one of the most iconic spells in all of roleplaying, but its not the only thing they can do. The wide variety of spells and effects has just as much variety in how they are presented. Making it very simple make your wizard different and unique from every other one. For instance let's look at the shield spell. Part of the text says "An invisible barrier of magical force appears and protects you." Well that isn't interesting at all. But, if you've decided to play a Tiefling a race of once humans with an infernal bloodline. So, as a wizard, reflect that in you shield spell. A barrier of burning flame erupts to stave off the attack, or your body is momentarily surrounded by flames from the Nine Hells, warding off the blow.

When creating your wizard and backstory, make sure consider how it will shape your spells from a flavorful roleplay perspective.

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Character Concept:

Monster Rights Activist

You’ve been hired to clear the local mine of kobolds, so you pack up your weapons and

armor and head off with your adventuring party. After you slay kobold after kobold, you

kick over a crude barricade and raise your weapon with the intent to kill, and you see a

clutch of baby kobolds cowering in fear behind their wounded mother who is guarding them

with her body. Are you going to kill them, or are you going to let them go? After all, they’re just monsters… right?

The Monster Rights Activist is a character who seeks not to slay monsters but to find a way to

coexist with them. Not all monsters; be they humanoids, or aberrations, or magical beasts are mindless killing machines. Many of them have hopes, dreams, social structures, and so

on. Who are we to say which ones should or shouldn’t die? How do we know WE aren’t the


A Monster Rights Activist could be of any race and class, and there doesn’t even need to be a unifying method of how they do what they do. They might focus on subduing enemies rather than killing them (either by knocking them unconscious in melee or by casting spells to paralyze them or put them to sleep), or they might try to go against the rest of the party by sneaking ahead and warning monsters that an adventuring party is coming. If they can get a family of gnolls to a safe place before someone comes through and kills them all, then they consider that a job well done.

Monster Variant:

Hexing Urd

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