• Justin Handlin

Create Memorable and Adaptable NPCs in Dungeons & Dragons

Adaptable NPCs

Adaptable NPCs is a supplement created for Dungeon Masters, introducing 70 unique non-player characters they can use to populate their worlds. The ultimate goal is to present a repertoire of quest givers and companions that can accompany players on their adventures; being diverse enough to add to immersion without introducing unwanted complexity.

Additionally, eight short quest hooks with detailed maps (both DM & Player versions) have been included at the end of this book. Dubbed Pathways to Adventure, these short adventures serve to give Dungeon Masters a resource to introduce many Adaptable NPCs to their players in unique ways. Alternatively, the battle maps can serve as standalone assets, usable in any manner a Dungeon Master can imagine. Also, did we mention the artwork? It's amazing and inspiring all on its own.

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Each of us picks 2 NPC’s to talk about the NPC and Why it is our favorite! Watch our youtube coverage here!


Sun Knight (pg 57). Touched with a divine grace by their deity, sun knights are pillars that the righteous lean upon to combat the veil.

Squire: (pg 56). Squires are the shield-bearers for their commanding knight. Although a demanding position, they serve and train to one day become a knight themselves.


False Saint (pg 27). False saints are determined to lead the desperate, easily manipulated, and weak-minded. They may be rambling lunatics attracting those at the fringes of society, cunning manipulators seeking material gain in the name of a false deity, or maybe genuinely manipulated by some higher power.

Woodland Ranger (pg 72). These rangers have lived their entire lives in the wild, foraging for food and tracking their prey, be it beast or being. As a result, they are expert trackers and masters of survival. Woodland rangers are extremely patient, able to lie in wait for long periods of time while remaining undetected by their prey, waiting for the perfect moment to bring them to the ground.


Proprietor (pg 48). In every community is a place betwixt and between, a liminal space where boundaries meet. These spaces are surrounded with myth and mystery, with tales of demons summoned, fey beseeched for aid and meetings with cosmic forces. Such is the case with the Proprietor

The Nightblade (pg 39). Some assassins are born, while others are made. The nightblade is constructed through the binding of a dark spirit to a humanoid construct of stone, with threads of shadow magic keeping it all together. While the constructor of a nightblade often does so for personal gain, some may offer its services to the highest bidder.