• Justin Handlin

D&D 5e Combat Options

Listen to Episode 35 Combat Options

Crit Academy discusses the collection of combat options in the D&D Dungeon Master's Guide. These optional rules are designed to give players more options in combat. From allowing characters and monsters to flank, alternate initiative rules and even rules for climbing atop larger creatures and moving around their bodies to hide or take cover from their attacks.

Segment: Main Topic: DMG Combat Options!

Advantages of these options:

  • Gives more actions in combat

  • Offers additional ways to deal with certain mechanics


  • May slow down game speed

  • Not every table will use them, causing player confusion

Initiative Variants:

Initiative Score:

  • No rolling – speed up combat

  • Static 10+3 Dex Modifier

  • Can speed up gameplay

  • Becomes predictable

Side Initiative: