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D&D: Clash of Class Colosseum | 1v1 PvP

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Dungeons & Dragons is without doubt the world's greatest roleplaying game. While it's up in the air whether it's the best, it certainly is the most popular and most widely played. At its core, D&D is a storytelling game. Friends getting together, building complex characters, and taking on impossible challenges. There is no denying that D&D is a cooperative game above all else. One of the best parts of the game to many is the combat. This isn't hard to believe considering the vast majority of the book is dedicated to rules for running combat. This has led to a group of players who find pleasure and joy in building the best and most dangerous combat machines. These power gamers take pleasure in putting out the most damage and surviving the harshest of situations. This leads many to come to a single question. What class is the strongest in direct combat?

While many speculate and run numbers, we feel that there is truly only one way to really know. Pit experienced players in a fair situation against each other. While we aren't sure if there is an audience for this, we thought it would be fun to try and tackle this question. We have been discussing at length some of the ways we can approach this. The first and most important is what level would we start? Would we limit it to that? You answered our survey to get us started.

With nearly 400 voters, everyone agreed the battle should be at 5th level. This works out because it's one of the most played levels. It's enough to get some good core mechanics and high enough that there shouldn't be a death in a single blow (though shit can happen). haha.

Below are further details of the first game we are going to run. This is a proof of concept. If it is something found to be fun, and the audience is there for it, we will do more. We will build more audience engagement tools and take their ideas.

If you want to watch, your test game will take place on 12/30/21 @ 8:30 PM Eastern on your Youtube Channel.

Below are the current details we've settled on. As we work on it, these may change as needed.

We intend to have an Announcer, Game Master, and a Referee. Each will have a particular job to do in addition to ensuring the rules for the more subjective options, such as illusions are ruled accurately and effectively.

Character Creation

  • Player Handbook Only.

  • Level 5.

  • Characters will have maximum hit points.

  • No multiclassing.

  • Feats allowed.

  • No magic items.

  • 1,000 gp for armor, equipment, spell components, and other mundane adventuring gear. (no more than three Potions of Healing per character)

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The Colosseum

  • Platform will be Foundry VTT all dice will be rolled virtually.

  • 40 x 28 5-foot squares

  • 150-foot ceiling limit

  • 10-foot high arena walls

  • Changing Hazard pools, monsters, and environmental effects included.

  • Chaos Storm. A lair action that gradually closes in the arena and lowers the ceiling every round. Dealing damage and applying conditions when entered.

  • The center platform is raised from the ground 10-feet off the ground allowing for cover from above.

  • Pillars and red canopies provide cover and block line of sight.

Additional Rules

  • The battle will be best of three bouts. This may change if each bout takes too much time.

  • Each character will have a 1-minute turn timer. If no action is taken, action defaults to Dodge.

  • If combat goes 10 rounds. Each character will be allowed the benefits of a short rest.

While this won't be our first time doing PvP. It will certainly be our first time in this format. Like anything else, we hope it will be fun, but expect to learn a great deal from it. If you have any thoughts or ideas, especially personal experience, please share them with us in the comment section below or on our social media.

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