• Justin Handlin

Dawn Of Worlds

Listen to Crit Academy discuss Dawn of Worlds.

When it comes to roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons one of the most exciting aspects of the game is building the world that your stories and campaigns take place it. For newer players, and even some advanced ones, this can be a daunting task. Dawn of Worlds is a powerful tool, wherein a night, you and your friends can create an entire world full of history and lore, and have a blast doing it. You can listen to us we walk through it and share our experience building our own world.

"Perhaps the most difficult prospect faced by fantasy game masters, players, authors, and even ordinary daydreamers is the idea of inventing a fantasy world from scratch. Indeed, this is one of the things that makes a good work of fantasy fiction so appealing, the chance immerse yourself completely in an imaginary realm. The really hard part, of course, is left to those who want to create such a realm. As readers, players, or daydreamers, we can suspend our disbelief as much as is required to follow a story. Sometimes this can be a lot of work. Truly great tales, though, are set in worlds so complete and consistent that we hardly notice ourselves doing it.

Within the guidelines of Dawn of Worlds are the tools and the advice by which a few ordinary people can set themselves up with ultimate power for an evening and leave you with a complete, detailed fantasy world. It will, if you make use of it, give you a world with complete landscapes, history, cultures, and characters. And it will be fun, too."


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