• Justin Handlin

Dungeon Dressing: 20 Festival Games and Events to Find in your Dungeons & Dragons Game

The fantasy world is one of adventure, magic, and monsters. When a character decides to step into the life of adventuring, it becomes one of almost all business. Chasing down bandits, slaying beasts, and saving towns from natural and magical disasters. While the heroes are hard at work, the world moves on with its daily life. The holidays and yearly festivals come and come on a regular basis. When was the last time your adventurers were in a town during a festival celebration? Consider for a moment the revelries and excitement this sort of event brings to local farmers and merchants. Fairs and Festivals are powerful tools to help bring your Dungeons & Dragons games to life. We’ve included some sample rewards, but feel free to change, or enhance them with your own unique rewards.

Get 20 fantastic games and events that you can use in your Dungeons & Dragons games.

20 Festival Games and Events to Find in your Dungeons & Dragons Game

  1. An elderly man stands taunting strong-looking ladies and lads to try out his hammer strike game. A tall pole has a smooth sphere attached to the pole with a lever and target at the bottom. Running along the pole are markings with strength ratings. Each tier requires a successful Strength Athletics check to reach. The higher the tier, the better the prize. Farmer Tier: DC 10, Soldier Tier: DC 13, Green Adventurer: DC 15, Heroic Adventurer: DC 18, Legendary Might: DC 22. A character earns a unique emblazoned badge for the highest tier they reach.