• Justin Handlin

Easter Eggs in Dungeons & Dragons Spell Components

Dungeons & Dragons Beast and Gaston
Gaston and Beast compared to Monster Manual

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Alrighty, we got a fun one here. If you’re anything like me, you enjoy a good/bad joke. Whether it's a pun, a knock-knock joke, or a complex story with a fantastic punchline. Regardless, I love a good laugh and I suspect you do too. Or you wouldn’t have clicked on the link to get here. :) But what is better than a good joke? A great Dungeons & Dragons joke. This is something Wizards of the Coasts knows a little something about. While there are a plethora of references in their disclaimers and in other locations in their books. Today I wanted to share one of my favorite and subtle nods that can be found in the material components part of spells in the Player’s Handbook. It’s fantastic to me, as in my experience, these often get completely overlooked or forgotten. Because of that, these little tidbits aren’t always caught. Below is a list of clever material components that just make me laugh.

Minor Illusion - Fleece - Pulling the wool over their eyes.

Aid: A tiny strip of white cloth - Ya know...like a band-aid.