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Midgard Heroes Handbook: Rogue Duelist Class Analysis

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Crit Academy covers Kobold Press’ Midgard Heroes Handbook. The Midgard Campaign Setting is a dark world of deep magic started by Wolfgang Baur and fleshed out by his team. It’s flavored with Central European myth and folklore - from the frozen Northlands to its wild steppes, dark forests, and craggy mountains. Today they cover their favorite Rogue Class Archetype.

Midgard Heroes Handbook has over 200+ pages of pure gold! Including:

New Races, Subclasses, Feats, and more. In this episode, we cover the Rogue Duelist.


The roguish duelist is a lightly armored combatant who favors quick, precise attacks with a light weapon in each hand. The duelist is murderously effective when fighting one-on-one. The quick, resourceful, and precise duelist may look like an artist, but more often he or she is just another killer for hire—but one with a dashing and lethal sense of style.

I'm a huge fan of the Battlemaster Fighter archetype. The rogue duelist takes a similar approach. Instead of superiority die, you have prowess. A representation of your combat finesse. Much like the battlemaster, you choose a number of "Techniques". These techniques add a huge variety of options to the rogue playstyle such as; deep slice that causes the enemy to bleed out disarming parry that allows you to disarm a foe who has missed you with a melee attack, to a simple reaction that lets you add an extra die to your saving throws. Regardless of the techniques you choose, this roguish archetype really feels fresh and unique. Check out our youtube video for a full breakdown.

Unearthed Tips and Tricks! We deliver you new and creative content for you to bring with you on your future adventures.

Character Concept: Lost Loved One

You were young, but a child and last of your family has died, mother, father, or sibling. In your despair, your turned to forbidden magics, in an attempt to bring them back. But, due to your inexperience, something went wrong, maybe you made a mistake, or maybe it was divine punishment for walking the path of the gods, in either case, whatever it was that you brought to life...it wasn’t your loved one...

Monster Variant:

Pummeling Pudding

Origin: Gelatinous Cube

New Feature:

Pummeling Punch:

Reaction: When a creature escapes the ooze’s engulf or provokes an opportunity attack, the ooze can use its reaction to make a melee weapon attack: +5 to hit, reach ft., one target. HIt: 6(1d6+3) bludgeoning damage. The target must succeed on a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or be incapacitated until the end of its next turn.


Cult of Anti Magic:

A group of religious zealots who hunt down and confiscate magical artifacts from heretics. They believe magical items belong to the realm of the gods, and no mortals should possess them. They claim their god has tasked them with destroying powerful magical artifacts.

Magic Item:

Samantha G.

Grave Diggers Shovel

When you place the shovel in the dirt and speak the command word, a grave sized to fit a medium creature appears. The dirt disappears entirely and grant 1 charge.

The Shovel can store a maximum of 3 charges.

As an action when you hit a creature with the shovel with a melee weapon attack, you can choose to speak the command word, if you do, a pile of dirt the equivalent size that was removed from a hole is poured onto the target. The target is grappled. The creature can use its action to make a DC 13 Strength (Athletics) check to escape the grapple.

Dungeon Master Tip:

Conflicting Quests

You can present quests that conflict with each other, or with the characters’ alignments or goals. The players have the freedom to make choices about which quests to accept, and these can be great opportunities for roleplaying and character development.

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick

Patron Durzo via discord

Don’t laugh at a player for speaking in a character voice. Roleplaying a character when you shy and embarrassed is hard enough. Never put someone down for using their character's voice or even mannerisms. Additionally, if they like to dress up, encourage the behavior, and maybe even give it a shot yourself. Who knows...you may even like it.

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