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Create-An-Oath| Dungeons and Dragons Subclass Design


Crit Academy is joined by the talented and popular Dungeons and Dragons Dmsguild game designer Matthew Gravelyn. Love playing those holy warriors but tired of the same old Oaths? This sourcebook provides a clear guide to creating your very own paladin Oath compatible with 5e. Matt's guide is based on the research of the eight official paladin Oaths as well as other homebrew and community-created content. It offers clear guidance along with examples. Included are two new paladin Oaths that he created with this guide, shown step-by-step to help guide you along the process.

While we cover the Create-An-Oath product, this is a single product in a sea of amazing guides. It's a powerful tool for building fantastic and well-balanced sub-classes for 5th Edition D&D. Not only does this, and each guide give you a step-by-step walkthrough of the different styles each new feature has across multiple officially published products, but it also delivers new and creative sub-classes using his guide and build methodologies. Watch our Youtube interview to learn more about his process and the techniques and tools needed to build amazing new 5th Edition sub-classes.

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Moss Men!

Our recent expedition into the southern jungle uncovered a strange rust-like substance, which has since entirely covered the southern outpost. A sickness fell across the camp, and soon the dead outnumbered the living... though they haven't stayed dead Anyone wanting more information should contact Ariella Malaris at the Eastwatch Outpost.

Quest Details:

The southern outpost has been overtaken by Vegepygmies. Ariella will request that the party head into the now overrun outpost and eliminate all Vegepygmies they find,so the guards at Eastwatch Outpost can move into re-secure the area. The southern outpost will be filled with Russet Mold (VGtM, pg 196) which has spread throughout the buildings and on any metal objects, the party may come across. The vegepygmies will aggressively defend their new territory and attack the party en-masse if they are seen

Magic Item:

Patron Sambridg

Burning Greataxe +1 [Very Rare] (Requires attunement) (Cursed) This rune-covered axe is black with dull red runes adorning the head and metal shaft. This is a sentient weapon {CE} and communicates with ideas and emotions directly with the user. While holding this weapon unsheathed you suffer 1D4 fire damage per minute( do axes have sheaths?) Each time you attack with this weapon you suffer 1D6 fire damage. On a hit add 1D6 fire damage to the enemy. You may request aid from the axe to defeat your enemies. You may add additional D6's up to your counter of fire damage to both the self-inflicted damage and the enemy damage. Keep a counter and increase it by 1 for each time you request aid. If the axe damage causes the wielder to die the wielder is raised from the dead as an agent of the axe. Your hair turns black and your eyes turn black with red runes etched in the same pattern as the Axe. Your lifeforce is now bound to the weapon. You no longer take any damage from the weapon as stated above. At the point of death, the aid counter locked. You may call for aid in an attack but in doing so will cause you to lose a death saving throw. On a long rest roll a CON save DC 22 to recover 1 death saving throw.

Dungeon Master Tip:

Stop rolling monsters’ initiative.

Hiding in the Dungeon Master’s Guide is a tip for cutting down on excessive rolls before combat: “Just assume every monster rolled a 10 on the d20 and make their initiative 10 plus their dexterity modifier,” JC said. Wizards of the Coast even considered adding that base initiative score to each monster’s entry in the Monster Manual.

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick

Arcane Studies!

Metamagic: Twinned Spell:

Twinned spell lets you do something no other class can do. A powerful and versatile class feature. Twin’s biggest benefit is letting you break the concentration limitation and have two copies of certain spells up at a time that normally only allow one. Haste is a great example, and you are the only one who can cast it on the Fighter AND the Barbarian at the same time, for 3 points. The same goes for stoneskin, protection from energy, and a variety of other buffs.

Debuff and control spells like dominate person can be used by you on two targets, or maybe even a hold person that you just don’t feel like using a higher slot on to get the extra target (is it better to burn a level 3 slot, or a level 2 slot and 2 sorcery points? depends, and you are free to do either).

Twin can also be used on high damage spells like disintegrate to effectively double your damage by attacking two targets. Though this is it's obvious use.

Additionally, some heal spells become much more effective, as they become a sort of small AoE heal for the same spell slot cost.

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