• Justin Handlin

Create-An-Oath| Dungeons and Dragons Subclass Design


Crit Academy is joined by the talented and popular Dungeons and Dragons Dmsguild game designer Matthew Gravelyn. Love playing those holy warriors but tired of the same old Oaths? This sourcebook provides a clear guide to creating your very own paladin Oath compatible with 5e. Matt's guide is based on the research of the eight official paladin Oaths as well as other homebrew and community-created content. It offers clear guidance along with examples. Included are two new paladin Oaths that he created with this guide, shown step-by-step to help guide you along the process.

While we cover the Create-An-Oath product, this is a single product in a sea of amazing guides. It's a powerful tool for building fantastic and well-balanced sub-classes for 5th Edition D&D. Not only does this, and each guide give you a step-by-step walkthrough of the different styles each new feature has across multiple officially published products, but it also delivers new and creative sub-classes using his guide and build methodologies. Watch our Youtube interview to learn more about his process and the techniques and tools needed to build amazing new 5th Edition sub-classes.

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