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Skill Challenges in 5e Dungeons and Dragons

Crit Academy discusses Skill Challenges in 5e by RP Davis.

The 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons has its proponents and detractors, and RP Davis has no intention of rehashing edition wars here. Like most players and DMs who have played many (if not all) editions, 4e has its good points, however, and the skill challenge is arguably 4e’s best-kept secret. 5th Edition doesn’t make use of them, and RP cannot for the life of it understand why, except that 4e challenges don’t directly port over to 5e without modification. There’s math involved in 4e challenges (shocker) that doesn’t translate into 5e’s bounded accuracy.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your 5e game. You don’t need 4e’s math to balance them, for reasons which will become apparent.

This book gives you the background and advice to make your skill challenges fun and engaging. And they add a great deal of spice to your existing 5th Edition D&D game! So don't wait—give skill challenges a try at your table.

Segment 1: In the Realm

Crit Academy Team discusses a little bit of what is going on in their realm.

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Michael R.

Guys, I got a question on role play immersion…

A fighter likely wouldn’t refer to him/herself as a fighter but instead maybe a warrior or mercenary.

What would a sorcerer or a wizard go by if not their class name?

I always think mages in general, but i could see a sorcerer calling themselves a sorcerer. But a wizard I envision they would refer to themselves by the school they focus on. Like a we call wizards who focus on necromancy...well Necromancers.

Examples: Conjurer, Transmuter, Bladesinger and so forth.

Likewise a rogue Cutpurse, burglar or just a thief.

I could see common folk using sorcerer/wizard/witch/mage all interchangeably.

Main Topic: Skill Challenges in 5e

What is a skill challenge?

Simply, a skill challenge is a series of skill checks by multiple characters, where a certain amount of successes spread across multiple skills and characters must be achieved before a number of failures.

Why use a skill challenge?