• Justin Handlin

Little Heroes w/Anne Gregersen

Segment 1: In the Realm

Crit Academy Team discusses a little bit of what is going on in their realm.

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Segment 2: Crit Nation Feedback: Let’s talk about Blank!

Joshua B.

A character is bleeding to death, unable to stop the magical bleeding (out of healing spells). Can a petrification spell be used to “freeze” the character until such a time as healing is available? Plus the de-petrify of course...also could the same tactic be used in the case of deadly poison or disease, until a cure can be found?

Main Topic: Little Heroes!

What if, one day, a group of local children got just a little too curious about what was actually hiding in the supposedly haunted house on the outskirts of town?

Crit Academy is joined by best selling author Anne Gregersen. We discuss her Platinum best-seller ' Little Heroes'. Little Heroes is a guidebook for those who are looking to play D&D with children at the table. It also includes information to those who are looking to play as a child and offers options when making such a character. You'll find things that are useful for both the DM, the player, and anyone looking to better understand how children might behave within the context of a role-playing game such as D&D.

Huge thank you to Anne! We had a blast. You are a great guest and had has us cracking up. Anne delivered fantastic advice and guidance for anyone interested in having children at the table. Not to mention the 7 dope backgrounds and very cool magic items.

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