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The Malady Codex: The Guide to Diseases

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Crit Academy Team discusses a little bit of what is going on in their realm.

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Dean Lawson

What kind of evil forces would prey upon a village of normal people trapped in a sleeping spell?

Main Topic: The Malady Codex: The Guide to Diseases

Crit Academy covers the best-selling Dungeons and Dragons supplement, The Malady Codex: The Guide to Diseases. This supplement is written by medical students with a love for tabletop roleplaying games. Inspired by the vast array of diseases, and the medieval myths that once surrounded them, we embarked on a mission; to enrich other worlds with fantastical diseases.

Deep in each civilization’s roots, there are myths, remedies, and folklore, all revolving around the ailments that affect its people. When each Dungeon Master wants to expand on the details of the societies that unfold before their very eyes, tools that spice up the process become a vital weapon. This supplement will hopefully become one of them, as DMs become inspired by the grim, epic, or mundane conditions of the human body and mind.

Do not underestimate diseases. Part of the Dungeon Master’s art is to be able to stir feelings up in their players, and few human conditions could accomplish that better. Used as a way to advance a storyline, to expand a character arc, or to create conflict, the following stories can serve you well!

In this book, you'll find 11 fully detailed diseases, including:

  • The Druid's Curse, The Mad Mage's Virus, the Mindflayer Network, Talona's Curse and the infamous ISTD.

  • Details on the origins, symptoms, and cures for all these maladies.

  • Tips on how to implement each one in your games, making your life just a bit easier.

  • New NPCs, monsters and items to challenge and reward your players with.

  • A useful table to consult when deciding what specific spells affect what disease.

  • A visual representation chart of the progression of the Mad Mage's Virus.

All we can say is wow! As DMs, we love diseases and poison effects. Searching for food and roll a low survival check? Those nice-looking mushrooms you were certain were safe...well now half the caravan is vomiting, and even some of the old ones passing away. This amazing tool just enhanced my love for the spread of these diseases. The supplement is well written, and far more thought out than anything I've planned out in my games. Thank you so much for this amazing 5-star product. Check out the show for our full thoughts as we review a few of the diseases and have great fun doing so!

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