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Monstrous Races | Play as your Favorite D&D Monster

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Monstrous Races

Whether you’re playing an all-monster party or just want to play a monstrous race in an otherwise normal Dungeons and Dragons party, this document presents rules for playing every creature in the Monster Manual, new feats and backgrounds for monstrous characters, analysis of officially published races, highly detailed rules for building your own races, new rules for tiny races, and rules for templates for player characters.

What an absolutely fantastic supplement! We used this little beauty to run a dark campaign from the eyes of the monsters. The features and characteristics of the monsters really come through well, without breaking the game. Keep in mind, some are clearly more powerful than others, but that is expected. Since its creation, it has undergone some edits and changes to balance some of the months a bit better. But man if this isn't a great way to change up your D&D game. With 228 playable races, this will keep you busy for a while. I recommend having your party play as the monsters. Building up a lair and then take on the role of characters to conquer the lair. Muahahahhah.

What I wasn't expecting an extensive race builder rules for building your own races. It goes into much more depth and detail than the Dungeon Master Guide and gives great tips on top of it. We highly recommend this for your table if you want to experience the game in a new way, or just want to play a different kind of one-shot. We highly recommend this product.

In this episode, we cover several of our favorite monsters: The flameskull, intellect devourer, mindflayer...and yeah the mimic!

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Dad Jokes

Submitted by Patron: Steve H

I love the idea of running a bard whose performance/spellcasting is all Dad jokes:


Fighter: I’m hurt!

Bard: Hi Hurt, I’m Dad.(Cure Wounds)

Bard: Let's put an egg in our shoes and beat it! (expeditious retreat)

Bard: I’m not mad, just disappointed (Vicious Mockery)

Bard: I just want you to know, that psychic attacks are all in your head!(vicious mockery)

Werewolf: *ROARS*

Bard: If you insist on attacking us, you’re gonna end up as a *were* wolf.

Bard: Mr. Dragon, you certainly should not devour us. I mean, think about it, that paladin probably tastes just...lawful!

Monster Variant:

Swarm of Electric Eels

Origin: Swarm of Poisonous Snakes

New Feature

Water Breathing. The swarm can breathe only underwater

Lightning Aura: At the start of each of the swarms turns, each creature within 5 feet of it takes 4 (1d6) lightning damage. A creature that touches the swarm or hits it with a melee attack while within 5 feet of it takes 4(1d6) lightning damage.


Killroy General

Percy’s Pet

At an aristocrat's house on the porch sit a hobgoblin captain(Percy Lassater) in a big stuffed chair. At the foot of the stairs of the porch is a 5' tall stuffed bunny rabbit with a bell on it. At the side of the house is a stable with a fencediin carrel. Hunched over out of view is a hobgoblin (stats of a hill giant) name Malik he is a wizard's experiment. If the players interact with Percy, he utters a warning to Malik. Malik stands up and tears off a chunk of horse and turns to the party and starts walking towards them. Messing with the bunny enrages Malik.

Magic Item:

Phoenix Rebirth

Potion, very rare

Small heatless tongues of flame lick the outside of the clear container, the inside burning with orange and red liquid flames.

When you drink this potion, your body is wreathed in heatless flames taking on the form of a fiery bird for an instant. For the next hour, the next time you are reduced to 0 hit points, you drop to 1 hit point instead. At the start of your next turn, you regain 2d4+2 hit points.

Dungeon Master Tip:

Ending a Campaign:

A campaign doesn’t need to go all the way to 20th level. Ending it at 5th or 15th level can be just as satisfying, Whenever your story reaches its natural conclusion is where you should wrap it up. If you see the end approaching, and the characters are getting close to 5th, 10th, or 15th level, consider stretching out the last adventure or two to help them reach that level by the climax. This works best with the milestone method, but can be done with XP as well.

Regardless of the level, be sure to finish up any PC personal goals. Maybe even tie it into the climax in some way if needed.

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick

Protected Concentration

A melee sword and board character utilizing the protection fighting style is a powerful tool alongside a spellcaster who is concentrating on a spell.

Protection: Allows the PC to use a reaction to impose disadvantage on a creature within 5 feet.

For example. Protecting a cleric who is concentrating on the Bane or bless spell. These buff/debuffs can last significantly longer if the cleric is drawn into melee combat and the protector rushes to their side.

Another example is if the protector is fighting alongside a melee ranger who is concentrating on hunter's mark for boosted damage.

Concentration is a huge weakness to spells used while in combat. Utilize the protection fighting style to help get the most out of these spells!

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