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GUN Mage: A Sorcerous Origin

GUN Mage

The G.U.N Mage is a sorcerous origin, an archetype for the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons sorcerer class.

While many sorcerers find themselves able to naturally tap into the well of magic inside of them, some are not so lucky. Their search for a way to tap into this power has led them into using artificially enhanced arcane foci that pull that latent power within their reach. These special foci are known as Genetic Unconventional Neo-focus, or G.U.N for short.

While they have full access to their meta-magic, G.U.N. Mages often find themselves feeding their power into their G.U.N.'s more often than not. The tools have a way of altering and enhancing

the power. Allowing a G.U.N. Mage to use the power in unconventional ways.

This archetype focuses on the converting of spells slots into a malleable burst of power. This build was inspired by a reflavored sorcerer that I have run in many games.

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Character Concept:

The Obviously-a-Wizard - Scott Free

When I decided to join a new group, I spoke to my DM in private about a secret my Character had; He was a warlock masquerading as a Wizard! The Half-Elven son of a prominent Human Nobleman and an Elven mage, he was a child born to strengthen political connections. He was banished from his home in shame by his parents for his failure to possess his mother's arcane gifts. He vowed to gather as much power as he could, and storm his father's mansion to claim it as his own. He took the Pact of the Tome and the Book of Shadows invocation, to have access to a plethora of spells. He bargained with his Patron (a Fiendish Arcanoloth) to make his Eldritch Blast look like Hellfire (thus, disguising it as a Firebolt). All his patron required in return was for him to recover as much knowledge as he could, which suited him fine. Joining a wandering party of adventurers, he would wander all over Dwarven ruins and into Giant-infested mountains in search of power, all while his party was none the wiser of his true arcane origins.

(Actually played this character, and none of the players were aware of my secret until I told them several months into the campaign).

Monster Variant:


Origin Mage:

Sorcery Points: 6


Quicken Spell:

Swift Burst. The spellslinger can release a short burst of raw energy from its GUN that you use to propel yourself quickly. You can spend 1 sorcery point to take the Disengage or Dash action as a bonus action on your turn, and your jump distance is doubled for the turn.



Patrons Durzo & Paulstone

The one true relic

Hey guys and gals I need some help for tonight's session. The group is currently on their way to a temple to collect a holy relic to destroy an evil orb they have in their possession. They failed to even ask what the relic looks like or how it works. So here's my plan. They will get to the temple and be sent to a room with a pedestal holding a magnificent sword with beautiful markings, a stack of paper, and a pen and inkwell. Their obvious assumption that the sword is their goal will of course be wrong. The pen is the relic. (The pen is mightier than the sword). I want to leave a very subtle hint on the paper, but don't want to make it obvious. Any ideas for a riddle or small hint?

Paulstone They enter the room, and with a successful DC 20 wisdom Perception check: they find around the bottom of the pedestal (barley seen because of the dirt and dust reads: I can say everything without making a sound- make you laugh or cry, leap and bound. I'm only a thought until there's a line- a point of direction, a symbol or rhyme. I can be anything, and the list can go on, it's only a matter of what becomes drawn. My purpose in life is always clear. While you're right there, I'm always here. What am I? Answer: The Written Word

Magic Item:

Scott Free

Sylph's Sphere of Capturing

This crimson-and-ivory sphere was enchanted by Sylph the Saffron, a master of Abjuration. Designed as a method for combating roving monstrosities and rampaging Infernal incursions, this orb is designed to allow even lowly city guards to contain threats far beyond their normal capacity. When hurled at a target, the sphere opens on contact and exposes them to a specialized version of the Banishment spell. To any not strong enough to resist the spell, they are contained within a Demiplane (regardless of their plane of origin) within the sphere, and are forever bound to the sphere. Once contained within, the creature can be temporarily released when thrown again with enough force to open it again, or when the rune is activated.


Sylph's Sphere of Capturing can be used as a throwing weapon, using either the wielder's Strength or Dexterity. On a hit, the target must make a Charisma Saving throw equal to 10+the wielder's level, or suffer the effects of the Banishment spell. On a successful save, the Sphere of Capturing is destroyed. Regardless of the target's plane of origin, they are confined on a harmless Demiplane contained within in the sphere. Only one creature can be contained within a Sphere. A creature contained within a Sphere of Capturing can be released from the Sphere by pressing a rune on the item, or by making a ranged attack against a character. When released in this way, the contained creature obeys the verbal commands of the bearer, and is friendly to them as long as the wielder's level is equal to or greater than the captured creature's CR. The captured creature can be forced back to the Demiplane by triggering the rune again.

(P.S: yes, the item is a Pokeball. I just wanted to try and get it into the game. I figured that making the item destructible would help balance a bit the power of it. Also, sorry if these are too wordy, please edit as desired)

Dungeon Master Tip:

Becoming Legends

Once the campaign has ended, a new one can begin. If you’ll be running a new campaign for the same group of players, you can really help them get invested in the new setting by using their previous characters’ actions as the basis of legends. Let the new characters experience how the world has changed because of the old ones. In the end, though, the new

campaign is a new story with new protagonists. They shouldn’t have to share the spotlight with the heroes of days gone by.

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick

Drop the die on twitter

Listen to other players' turns.

It's a slap in the face to the player and the DM for you to only value the stuff that YOU DO at the table. You're not the main character - it's an ensemble cast.

I promise, if you ignore other players, they WILL resent you.

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