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Go for the Eyes | Dungeons and Dragons

Go for the Eyes

Crit Academy discusses the best-selling Dmsguild Dungeons and Dragons supplement 'Go for the Eyes' by Alex Clippinger. We absolutely loved covering this product. In Go for the Eyes, you'll find ways to throw curveballs at players who thought they knew monster stat blocks by heart.

Targeted Body Parts. Ever cripple a dragon's wing? Destroyed a beholder's central eye? Smashed a bone devil's stinger? Your players can overcome precise targeting and damage thresholds to inhibit a creature mid-battle.

Dynamic Traits. A frozen phoenix is momentarily slowed before it explodes back into full radiance. The mummy lord cackles, empowered by the curse it's inflicted on those around it. Discover new monster traits that complement lore and challenge foolhardy adventurers.

Over 60 Creatures! Monsters from all three monster supplements--Monster Manual, Volo's, and Mordenkainen's--are found within these pages.

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Character Concept:

The Deceitful Genie

This concept works best if you’re a Genasi. Child of mortal and Genie. Being a spellcasting class that has access to illusions and mind manipulation spells only adds to this concept and touching on a criminal background to top it off.

The Deceitful Genie is a con man or woman who uses their Genie look and heritage to con innocent villagers. Poofing in a puff of smoke or some other trick, they promise to grant wishes in exchange for something; money, information, a service. Regardless of the requirement, they promise a great wish upon completion, using magical effects to enhance the belief they are what they claim. The Deceitful genie uses the opportunity in fooling these ppl to rob them or get free services that they would otherwise have to work or pay for themselves. Using magic or basic tricks, they may even pretend to grant the wish for the person. All the while manipulating them to get what they want.

Monster Variant:

Djinni of the Lamp

Origin: Djinni

The Lamp

20 AC, Disable threshold 35. Destruction threshold 55.

At the Djinni’s side is a golden lamp with intricate arcane sigils placed upon it. Once bound to the lamp by a powerful wizard. The djinni was finally freed from servitude but was unable to break his binding from the lamp. Thus, carries it with him to protect his freedom.


The Djinni frightful of losing his freedom puts extra effect in defending the lamp from being cut loose or taken. The Djinni loses one of its three attacks and has disadvantage on concentration checks until the start of its next turn.


The lamp is destroyed, permanently freeing the Djinni from it.

When the lamp is destroyed, a burst of extraplanar magic emanates from the lamp in a radius of 30 feet. All creatures within the radius suffer the effects of the plane shift spell. Transporting them to a random plane(Or one of the DMs choice).


A guilty plea to save an innocent.

From Intercepted By Ryan Cartner: GET YOUR COPY HERE!

To the arbiters of justice tasked with the sentencing of one Tom Swale,

I hear that you have settled upon his execution. I hear that you will kill him this Ninth day of high sun, I plead you hold, for you have the wrong man, I am Tom Swale, I have committed the crimes for which you mean to swing that poor soul. How oft he must have pleaded with you, how many times did he deny the name? Please hold. I come as quickly as I can. I will forfeit my life in exchange for his, but I fear that I will not reach you before you drop him through the gallows. Four days is all I ask, I please you hold till then.

IN earnest, the real Tom Swale

Magic Item:


Field Medic Bag

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement by a by any class)

This durable bag made from heavy cloth can hold one Healer's Kit. The bag appears to be old and well-used, stained by blood over the ages.

When you attune yourself to the bag, you effectively have the benefit of the Healer feat.

Each day at dawn, there is a 1 in 6 chance that a Healer's Kit placed in the bag will restock itself to full 10 uses again.

Dungeon Master Tip:


Ryan Cartner’s product is a genius device hook that can really add a bit of surprise and interest to any campaign. We discussed letters being found on the corpses of your fallen allies. But this could be a powerful tool to grab the attention of players and an easy segway into a short-term change for the players.

Whatever twist of fate has prevented the delivery of the missives, is now up to the party and gives them some additional hooks to follow. Whether it's to help someone in need, or find a way to utilize the information gained to their own benefit.

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick

Half Races

A half-orc, half-elf or Genasi are half for a reason. So consider giving them physical features of that other half. They might have some features reminiscent of the nondominant parent (pointed ears from an elf, a stockier frame and thick hair from a dwarf, small hands and feet from a halfling, exceedingly large eyes from a gnome, or an abnormally large size of a goliath, and so on).

Because this is left open, you really can add whatever flavor you want to your physical traits. Keep in mind this grants you any mechanical benefits, but would be a great layer to add to your character's story.

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