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D&D5e Corruption Rules by Critical Role's Dungeon Master, Matt Mercer.

Corruption Rules for 5th Edition D&D

In this episode, Crit Academy discusses the DMsguild FREE supplement 'Corruption Rules' by Critical Role's Dungeon Master, Matt Mercer.

Certain landscapes in Dungeons and Dragons house deeply evil places or artifacts that corrupt the very nature of people who spend time around them. Sites where the presence of such terrible wickedness can slowly twist and infect the physical forms of even the most holy of creatures. Unhallowed or cursed locations that erode the drive and will of those that linger. When sleep comes to those that stay, it's this period of vulnerability that invites the darkness in. This ruleset, heavily inspired by and condensing many elements of the Heroes of Horror Taint rules, allows you to have this dark influence slowly infect your adventuring party, helping build tension as they traverse the shadowed lands.

This supplement lets the dark unholy areas bleed into your world. Affecting, people, creatures, and objects they come in contact with. This simple ruleset can find the player characters with body parasites, broken will, new phobias, and even a shift in morals as they decay over time. Join us as we walk through and share our thoughts on this fantastic and horrifying supplement.

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Character Concept:

The Flying Russian

In an effort to reach out to our combat enthusiasts, this concept is far more mechanical that we usually focus on.

The flying russian starts off as a barbarian that picks up the path of the totem warrior.

When you do, you pick up the aspect of the eagle which does:

While you're raging and aren’t wearing heavy armor, other creatures have disadvantage on

opportunity attack rolls against you, and you can use the Dash action as a bonus action on your turn.

At 6th level you snag the aspect of the Bear

Your carrying capacity (including maximum load and maximum lift) is doubled, and you have advantage on Strength checks made to push, pull, lift, or break objects.

At 14th level, aspect of the eagle once again.

While raging, you have a flying speed equal to your current walking speed. This benefit works only in

short bursts; you fall if you end your turn in the air and nothing else is holding you aloft.

Boom! 40-foot pile drivers! Very much inspired by Street Fighters Zangief.

Monster Variant:

From: Ryan V

FanGirls (Variation on the Gibbering Mouther)

Fangirls gather in a mob mentality, looking for royalty, or renowned heroes. Once the fangirls sees a target, they go 5 times their speed towards the famous person. While they speed toward their target, a high incoherent ecstatic shrill projects to their victims, stunning them. If the heroes, or NPC's fail a DC 17 Dex. check, they are immobile in fear. If they are hit by fangirls; they take 18 (6D6) damage. If the hero dies, they are painfully consumed into the fangirl mob.


Armor Class: 7

Hit Points: 25 ( 2D6 + 4 for each additional fangirl in mob)

Speed: 10 ft., ( 50 ft. if notices nobility or renowned hero)

( 60 ft. if target has long black hair)

( 70 ft. if name is Tom, Jared, Jensen, Troy, or Normen)

Condition Immunities: prone, immobilize

Senses: Darkvision 60 ft.,

Languages: All known languages ( fangirls are everywhere)

Challenge: 3 (600 XP)


Listener: Ryan V

My own worst enemy!

I got the idea for this encounter just the other day. For reference, I play a weekly solo game with a friend, then a once a month campaign with a group of friends, which includes the same friend that I play my weekly campaigns. For both campaigns, my friend started out as a sorcerer, but last week his 4th level sorcerer died from a skeleton . . .(groan) in the solo campaign. He is still playing the sorcerer in the group campaign, but now he started playing a fighter / rogue in the solo campaign. Now, this is where I got the idea for the encounter. For the new solo campaign, I'm having it set 20 years in the past of the group campaign. So, when the final battle happens in the solo campaign, the fighter / rogue will be so powerful, that he will be the "final boss" for the group campaign. That way, his old character has to defeat his new character. Considering this is a special circumstance, it would be hard to work in any D and D campaign. But to simplify, a DM can bring up a charged-up version of a character that one of the players doesn't use anymore, and have it as the "big bad."

Dungeon Master Tip:

Inter-party conflict

Group Battles as Lair Actions

Large battles can be difficult to manage. A great way round this is to instead treat them as a lair or legendary action.

Use dice to determine the way the battle is going, and increase/lower the effects in battle, or change them entirely.

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick

Signature Styles!

In Xanathar’s Guide under the fighter section it discusses Signature styles: While they specifically call out the fighter, this concept can be adopted by any melee characters. While it's not always the case, most character’s should have a style or method that mirrors their outlook on life

For example:

A Sinister style of combat often taken by barbarians. You scowl and sneer while fighting, and you enjoy mocking your foes as you defeat them. This kinda reminds me of like sith lord style combat.

A more energetic style of combat may be: You sing and laugh during combat as your spirit sours. You are happiest when you have a foe in front of you and a weapon in hand. The character Luck in Black clover is very much like this.

Regardless of the character you play. Consider what their outlook is in combat, and how it affects their behavior and develop your own signature style.

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