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Nerzugal's Dungeon Master Toolkit

Nerzugal's Dungeon Master Toolkit

Nerzugal's Dungeon Master Toolkit is a product that includes a large assortment of dungeon maps, puzzles, fully detailed dungeons, random encounters, entire one-shot adventures, and tables to create hundreds of fun magic items. Most of these are able to be dropped in any campaign setting with just a small amount of work by the DM. This toolkit can provide at least thirty hours of entertainment and has additional resources to bring fresh excitement to any campaign setting. Inside we found 6 One-shot adventures, 4 complete Dungeons, 12 unique puzzles, and 11 Dungeon maps. Everything a DM needs to keep on hand to take some of the workloads and pressure off. Watch our replay as we walk through and give our thoughts on this fantastic adamantine best-selling Dmsguild supplement.

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Character Concept:


This character’s power comes from gathering body parts with power and using them in an ancient ritual of their ancestors to fuse them together with their own body. Replacing your eyes with that of a deep gnome to give yourself dark vision, arms of a werewolf for climbing or claw attacks, or maybe attaching small kraken or displacer beast tentacles to your body for slamming and grappling.

This character can be a lot of fun and full of flavor, it works best with the Simic race from the Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica, as they already get some special features as they level up. Just treat your character from a flavor perspective as a human, and your acquired powers are the result of your rituals after defeating enemies whose body parts you’ve collected. This can also be great flavor for additional features unlocked by your class, or feats acquired.

A great example of this was our Symbiote Flavor of the Month. Reflavoring a war hammer as a blunt tentacle, or a rapier as a piercing one.

Maybe you attached the wings of an incubus/succubus and just reflavor your fly spell.

Or replace an arm with a part of the shambling mound. A whip, or thornwhip spell.

Your character slayed a chuul and attached its carapace to your body. (Any of the armored feats) Or just able to buy a new armor.

Work with your DM on what you wanna do, so they can toss enemies at you, that fit your theme.

Monster Variant:

Withering Zombie:

Statblock: Zombie

New feature:

Withering flesh. When the zombie successfully hits a creature it must make a con save 12. On a failed save your flesh has pulled tight against your skeleton, making your visage terrifying to most. You have disadvantage on Charisma ability checks and Charisma saving throws. Remove curse can end this effect.

Encounter: (Nerzugal’s DMT)

The Cards of Fate: Use PDF for reference

He offers to the party the opportunity to play his game. The rules are simple:

All cards are turned face down and scattered on the table.

The player will choose two card and reveal them


If the two cards revealed match, the player wins the corresponding prize.

If the two cards revealed do not match, remove them and continue with the next pick.

If either of the cards revealed are The Reaper, the player loses.

If all cards are picked without revealing a pair and without revealing The Reaper, the player wins a Grand Prize!

Dungeon Master Tip:

@beastlandz on twitter

Interesting Dungeon Doors

Dungeon entrances do not always have to be a door or small hole in the mountain. Sometimes it is a giant crevasse with its own ecosystem, with a narrow passageway that takes you deeper and deeper.

Some other dungeon doors:

The open maw of a long-dead giant dragon.

A portal in the bottom of a well.

Behind a waterfall full of deadly man-eating fish.

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick

VoxFinato on Twitter:

Ask your GM if they had fun. YOu have no game without their hard work and they should be enjoying it too. If you get ANY answer other than an immediate resounding yes, ask them how you can help to make the game more fun for them.

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