• Justin Handlin

50 Shades of Rage: Reflavoring the D&D Barbarian Rage

50 Shades of Rage

The barbarian's rage is one of the most versatile skills when it comes to flavor. Traditionally it's reflected as raw anger and the thrill of combat overcoming the barbarian during combat. However, this power is so versatile you can just about describe it as anything other than Rage, and give your character a feel of unique awesomeness! Whether it's bonding with your ancient ancestors, a parasite from an alien world or just describing it as your character being surrounded by crackling lightning and golden hair! Join us as we talk all things Rage!

In this episode, Crit Academy picks some of our favorites and even add some of our reflavoring to the rage mechanic!

12. Force of Chaos: Most barbarians are a whirlwind of fury; you are a storm. Chaos beats in your soul, and it manifests when you fight. You are unpredictable, and the Chaos Totem Rage Powers can bring across how your Rage can warp probability all around you.

25. Child of The Heavens: Angels are beautiful, and terrible, creatures. If one let even a few drops of its celestial blood into your family, then you might find it makes itself known in strange ways. If you take a trait like Sacred Touch, that could be ascribed to your divine ancestors. Rage Powers like Renewed Vigor, Renewed Vitality, and Renewed Life could all be ascribed to the holy power in your blood healing your body.

13. Hatred: There is something awful lurking inside you. A force of anger so pure that it has become condensed hatred. You suckle it, nurse it, and draw strength from it... but how long will it be until the toxic power twists you into a dark reflection of who you once were?