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Drizzt Do'Urdens Guide to Combat

Crit Academy is joined by Darrin Scott a best-selling creator on DMsguild.com. We discuss his supplement Dungeons and Dragons supplement".

Drizzt Do’Urden’s Guide to Combat is a resource to help you run the most fun combats you ever have, no matter your DMing style. It is the distillation of knowledge from the masters of the hobby (listed in the credits page) as well as the years of experience held by each of the contributors.

This product isn’t a house rules supplement; it works within the Fifth Edition system. You will however find:

  • Insights on running unforgettable combats, from player engagement to speeding up combat and gameplay.

  • Guidance on running tactically challenging combats.

  • 18 printer-friendly “Squad” stat blocks for use in mass combat, as well as a guide to creating more.

  • 4 pages of printable tokens for use in grid combat.


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Character Concept:

Darrin Scott


When someone is killed in an inhumane and unjust manner, a revenant can be formed if the soul has a strong enough will. A revenant’s purpose in unlife is to seek and destroy those who brought about this injustice. Their bodies usually appear as they did shortly after the individual’s death, but deteriorate over time the longer they spend on the material plane. If they are unable to inhabit their original body, they can use another as a vessel.

Hunger for Revenge

Most revenants have only one year to exact revenge upon their intended mark, usually the one who killed them. They have an otherworldly sense of the state of their quarry. Once their task is complete, or their time runs out, they crumble into dust. Some revenants swear vengeance upon a type of person, such as slavers, rather than a particular individual. These revenants can live for longer, and their bodies are better-preserved. However, they lack the ability to inhabit another body if theirs is destroyed; they only get one chance at revenge.

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