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AI Dungeon

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

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Crit Academy discuss the AI Dungeon. A text adventure roleplaying game that builds a story on the fly based on the players input. The program's Artificial Intelligence system pulls data from all over the internet to build and respond to the user, creating a cooperative story. This is a fun and engaging resource of any Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master.

Let’s talk about Blank!

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Magic permeates the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world and is at the core of sword and sorcery games. Magic comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from powerful artifacts that keep cities afloat in the sky, to a magical blade that bursts into flame with a simple command word. But of all the magical power that suffuses the world, the most common, and in many cases the most valuable to an adventurer, is the healing potion.

Adventuring is dangerous work, and it is almost a guarantee, no matter how powerful, agile or tactful an adventurer is, they will end up wounded. Whether it be by blade, spell, claw or tooth. It is certain to happen. These magical alchemic mixtures are a lifesaver and the unsung hero of an adventuring party’s success.

Healing Potion Generator adds magical effects to both prefix and suffix names. Using a table to then generator random magical potions.

This is a small part of a much larger idea we are working toward, hopefully full magic item creation based on this affixes system.

Main Topic: AI Dungeon

What is AI Dungeon?

Check it out here: https://play.aidungeon.io/

Everything that spews from the AI Dungeons comes from the OpenAI’s text generator, which has been trained on reading the internet. You kick off a story by selecting a setting – fantasy; mystery; apocalyptic. One brief intro later, you get a prompt, asking what you’d like to do next.

From this point, the AI responds to your inputs – entirely on the fly. The AI dungeon master has a dream-logic awareness of characters and objects, and it works best when entering commands that move the story forward. The overall experience is like co-writing a novel with an easily distracted drunken toddler with access to the internet and google full of cultural references and prose cliches.

Our Experience and Impressions.



This was an interesting experience. I chose to play a wizard, imagining myself as level 1, and assumed I had access to all the stuff a level 1 5th edition wizard would have, firebolt, shield, mage armor, minor illusion etc. My adventure started with my character Ghalleon Grimhold being stabbed through the chest by an unknown attacker. The strangely twisted blade was pulled out and the wound was healed up, then he woke up.

Ghalleon found himself in a forest, with a dark sky and two moons. Wandering aimlessly through the forest, battled a few foes, looking for clues to where he was, as his memory was fuzzy. He could only remember the twisted blade.

He ended up stalking a shadowy figure in the night. This figure stopped over a corpse, and began devouring it. Upon closer inspection, the corpse looked exactly like Ghalleon. A large jagged wound in his chest. As the beast devoured his body, he realized he died. The wound wasn’t from a sword, but large jagged horns.


I’m gonna be honest. This program is not perfect by any means. I did run into a few issues of things that didn’t make sense, but an undo button allowed the AI to “redo” those posts and get me something that made more sense. Some things just come out of nowhere and as a player, I just kinda rolled with it. I quickly learned talking in the 2nd person the following posts were more consistent, at least it seemed like it had. I was surpr