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Captain Hartchild's Guide to Rare Dragons

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Crit Academy is joined by Zac and Katherine, hosts of the Bite-Sized Gaming Podcast. A round table of DM chuckleheads discuss all things gaming. We discuss their recently launched Kickstarter for Captain Hartchild's Guide to Rare Dragons! A 5th Edition supplement contains 10 unique Dragon's, each with their own personalities, lairs, and minions. Check out their free sample Hullifex the Dragontoad here!

Thank you for joining us today here at the “Crit Academy” studios where everything is made up and your rolls don’t matter. Yup, that’s right; your rolls are like a dragon without a lair.

Let’s talk about Blank!

Dungeons and Dragons is getting its own set of Magic the Gathering Cards in 2021!

  • More than just a cosmetic setting, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms promises to integrate Dungeons and Dragons-themed mechanics

  • Zendikar Rising introduces a new “party” mechanic.

  • Brace yourselves for cards like Planeswalker Drizzt, Mordenkainen or Zariel?

  • Will we get D&D meta-themed cards like “Action Point” or “Roll for Initiative.”

Give Away: Loresmyth: Modular Dungeon Tiles - Arcania

Modular dungeon tiles are an easy way to create your own beautiful digital maps. The Arcania lets you make dark, shadowy dungeon map, rich with the fumes of arcane secrets.

Winner: Scottotto123

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Main Topic: Captain Hartchild's Guide to Rare Dragons with special guests Bite-Sized Gaming

Bite-Sized Gaming, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and your show?

What is your most memorable D&D moment?

Do you have any moment where you failed as a DM/Player?

Can you tell us about Captain Hartchild’s Guide to Rare Dragons and how it came to life?

What makes Captain Hartchild’s Guide to Rare Dragons different from other products?

Here we will talk in detail about the sample