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Metagaming: The good, bad, and ugly!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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Crit Academy is joined by Gabe and Jeff from the roleplaying game podcast Inter-party Conflict. We discuss the good, bad, and ugly of metagaming in the world of Dungeons and Dragons and other roleplaying games.

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Segment: Main Topic: Metagaming - The good, bad, and ugly!

Wikipedia Definition Any approach to a game that transcends or operates outside of the prescribed rules of the game, uses external factors to affect the game or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game.

Metagaming might also refer to a game that functions to create or modify the rules of a sub-game. Thus, we might play a metagame selecting which rules will apply during the play of the game itself. Why is Metagaming considered good or even expected in certain environments?

  • Competitive environment where it is known what is popular among the players and even in some cases what possible opponents use and then building a strategy around that. Video games, tabletop games, and even sports this occurs.

Wikipedia Metagaming with RPGS Describes a player's use of real-life knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character's actions, when said character has no relevant knowledge or awareness under the circumstances. This can refer to plot information in the game such as secrets or events occurring away from the character, as well as facets of the game's mechanics such as abstract statistics or the precise limits of abilities…… Outside of role-playing, metagaming simply refers to players using knowledge or understanding of external factors (such as community trends or coincidental events) to gain an advantage in competition. -Why is Metagaming considered negative in TTRPGs?

  • Some feel it violates the spirit of the game.

Metagaming can take many forms. Usually, it will be blatant and obvious, but other times it can be subtle. It would take place in the heat of combat or in the middle of negotiating with a village council.