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Warlock Grimoire 2 | Kobold Press

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Crit Academy delves into the vault of the legendary RPG creator Kobold Press! We crack open the Warlock Grimoire 2! Within these dusty pages, uncover the secrets of the world—indeed, of the branches of the multiverse! Collected here are entire lost volumes of esoteric truths. Only for you, the Warlock Grimoire 2! Dark revelations and wondrous testimonials of dark fantasy monsters and magic, locales and lore of Midgard:

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Dungeons and Dragons Announces Virtual Play Weekends

“Finding a regular game of Dungeons & Dragons can be a challenge, even under normal circumstances. Now, in the face of a protracted global pandemic, publisher Wizards of the Coast is moving its organized play program online. On Oct. 21, the publisher announced D&D Virtual Play Weekends, a series of monthly ticketed events that starts Nov. 13 and extend through March 2021. Entry starts at $4 for beginners and tops out at $15 for a standard four-hour adventure.

Pulling the strings behind the scenes will be David Christ, founder of Baldman Games. He’s been formally running D&D events for Wizards since 2005. If you’ve played a game at a Gen Con or Penny Arcade Expo in the last 15 years, it’s likely because of him and his team. Baldman now also handles Wizards’ marquee annual event, D&D Celebration, which includes organized play for the public alongside new product releases and celebrity events.”


Give Away: Loresmyth: Modular Dungeon Tiles - Arcania

The Arcania digital tile set lets you make dark, shadowy dungeon maps, rich with the fumes of arcane secrets.

Winner: acetrooper55555

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Main Topic: Kobold Press’ Warlock Grimoire II

Open a Chamber of Hidden Lore!


Inside you will find;

  • Details on the indefatigable halflings: the winterfolk, riverfolk, and courtfolk

  • Explosive realities of dwarven firearms and airships

  • Hidden vaults filled with treasure and danger

  • Potent magics and professions from the trenches of wartime

  • Magic-slinging NPCs to fill any role, ready to go

  • An epidemic of automata and a proliferation of clockwork druids