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Armament Quests in Dungeons and Dragons

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Main Topic: Armament Quests

Crit Academy discusses Armament Quests. While finding magical items and loot in treasure chests, dropped by defeated foes, or even gifted as a reward for great deeds. Nothing is as exciting as venturing out to gather unique materials and perform supernatural rituals to create magical weapons and armor. These special quests give the player characters the opportunity to undergo a unique trial to allow them to attempt to imbue a mundane object with magical properties. In this episode, we give a few examples of some fun quest lines you can extend to your player characters to help them forge their own armaments.

Weapon +1

The characters locate a scroll with arcane runes written in Primordial (Ignan). A character who can read the text learns the scroll contains instructions and a ritual on how to imbue a mundane weapon with elementary magical properties. Additionally, a character who can read the scroll must succeed on a DC 13 Intelligence Arcana check to interpret the details of the ritual to forge the magical item.

In order to imbue a nonmagical weapon with magical power the blade must be under the effects of the heat metal spell from a magma mephit for 1 minute. During this process, the weapon must be forged with Electrum metal worth 250 gp with a successful DC 15 Smith’s or Tinker’s tools. On a failure, the mundane item is damaged beyond repair and is unusable.

Adamantine Armor

The characters learn from an elderly hermit known as Raodin (NG, commoner) a well-known master armorsmith the secrets to his success. He forged his armors with small bits of ore from fallen stars. Over the years his age has made it so that he cannot forge anymore. Not only is his strength fading, but he has run out of the ore stardust that he coated his armor with. He shares that a nearby forest is the location of the fallen stars. With some success, they may discover some that he may have missed. When the characters arrive in the forest, they must succeed 3 DC 15 checks using any combination of Investigation/Survival/Nature checks before acquiring 2 failures. Additionally, any other concepts the characters come up with, such as using speak with animal can be used to grant advantage on these checks or even auto success. They locate the dark metal deep at the roots of a massive sleeping treant. Retrieving the starmetal from its roots via digging will hurt the treant, waking it up and causing it to attack. The characters can wake the treant and persuade it to give up the starmetal with a successful DC 16 Persuasion/Deception checks.

Once discovered the characters can return to the elderly armorsmith. While he is unable to forge completely new armor due to his age and weakness, he can guide another through the process. The character reforging the armor must succeed on a DC 15 Smith/Tinker’s tools check. On a failure, the materials and mundane items are damaged beyond repair and are unusable.

Dagger of Venom

The characters discover an old poisoner’s kit. Inside is a journal containing details of the previous owner's daily life and results and techniques for utilizing the kit. A character that can read thieves’ cant identifies a code hidden within the pages that describes a special dagger design that can apply poison and recover it over time. The character must seek out a crafter to create a hollowed-out dagger hilt with carved runes or A character with a successful DC 15 Woodcarver/Cobbler’s tools can create one and combine it with a mundane dagger.

The character then must extract a venom sack from a living carrion crawler. This can be done with a successful DC 15 Nature/Medicine/Poisoner’s kit check to remove the sack and place it into the hilt of the blade. On a failure, the dagger has 1d3 charges. After all charges are expended the item reverts to a normal dagger

Cloak of Displacement

During their travels through an endless forest, the characters encounter a small village full of tribal warriors. While the warriors themselves aren’t particularly strong, they overwhelm their prey with numbers and illusion magic. After the characters inquire about the nature of the magic, they learn that it comes from the cloaks they crafted. Each warrior who slays a Dirlagraun turns its flesh into a tool of war. A character who speaks s