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My Dad's Monster Manual w/James Introcaso

Live 1/31/21 @ 7pm Est (GMT -5) on youtube

My Dad's Monster Manual

Crit Academy is joined by the fantastic James Introcaso. James is an award-winning tabletop game designer. He has worked with tabletop games-related to companies including Wizards of the Coast, Roll20, and Kobold Press on games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Burn Bryte, and books such as Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Eberron: Rising from the Last War, and Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.

Today we talk about one of his most recent projects, My Dad's Monster Manual by James Introcaso. This fabulous collection of monsters a straight from the imagination of his dad's mind. From the time James was a kid, his father created original stories using his toys. Now as a professional game designer, he asked his dad to look at just the art from the Monster Manual. From every picture, he asked him how he thought this creature behaved, its history, and its name. Compiling this information and rewrote the Monster Manual according to his dad's lore.

Join us as he shares his journey from project inception o completion of these 80 new monster statblocks and lore based on original D&D creatures inspired by the art of the Monster Manual and Lucian's imagination.

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Character Concept:

Survivor of Purgatory

You are the son/daughter of one of the wealthiest aristocrats in your land. You spend much of your time in debauchery. The nature of your parents leaves you wanting for nothing. During a sailing outing with a parent and a love interest (the sibling of your betrothed) on one of your family’s large boats, a storm hits sinking the ship. You, your parent and a single shipmate manage to make it to a lifeboat. Everyone else is lost. During the time drifting you see you learn from your parent the secret to your wealth. Extortion and blackmail. Your parent shares with you their regret and asks you to take up the mantle to save your land. Without enough water and food for the three of you. Your parent tells you to survive and undo the wrong they have caused. Then takes the life of the shipmate and their own life. Leaving you to drift for days alone.

You finally drift to a strange island. Learning to survive without the money you once possessed. You meet a mentor who is also stranded on the island that teaches you everything you need to know to survive and fight. It is then revealed to you that the island is the home to a powerful evil pirate/bandit/cultist group. They capture and torture you and kill your mentor. With your training, you’re able to escape, fight and hide from them until the day a wandering ship passes by. You manage to contact it and are rescued. Now you seek to return home and bring justice to those who have poisoned your land.

Monster Variant:


Origin Statblock: Vrock

Lost Features: speech/telepathy, beak, and talons, spores. Becomes a beast with an INT of 3.