• Justin Handlin

Magical Adventure Building w/Remley Farr

Updated: Feb 21

Crit Academy is joined by best-selling author Remely Farr. Remley has worked on many successful Dungeons and Dragons adventures, you may know his work from 'The Madhouse of Tasha's Kiss' or 'Happy Jack's Funhouse'. In this episode, he shares with us his adventure writing process, specifically his Weekend Oneshot Challenge. This is an RPG writing event where he completes the writing, art, cartography, and editing for a one-shot RPG adventure within 48 hours, using Magic The Gathering cards.

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Magical Adventure Building

Remley, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Major: English writing, now teaching, played d&d at 3.5 and came back to 5e after doing pathfinder.

What is your most memorable D&D moment?

Three eyes of grumsh wreck the module.

Do you have any moment where you failed as a DM/Player?

My first real OSR run as a DM. I didn’t telegraph well, and I made it look like the system relied too much on skill checks. People lost interest and said it was too hard.

You have a very interesting method for writing D&D adventures. Can you tell us about your method?

Writing workshops from college

Hated the “get random topics and incorporate them” exercises.

Wanted to just do my own thing.