• Justin Handlin

Star Wars 5e

Star Wars 5e

Let’s be honest, there are few who haven’t heard of Star Wars. Whether you’re an older fan of the originals or a new fan brought in by some of the newest movies and games. Either way, the world and setting are pretty well known. A story and setting set in a galaxy far far away.

The fantastic thing about D&D 5e is that it is so versatile. Wheel a super fan named Galiphile decided to use this fantastic ruleset to bring Star Wars to his roleplaying table. After 2000+ hours, I would say he succeeded quite well. If you would like to follow allow, you can head on over to SW5e.com. All this content has been made available for free.

Phatlootz RPG Giveaway: Empyrean Investigations

This product is a book dedicated to bringing mystery to life in your home D&D5e game. Included are ideas, mechanics, guides and three investigative adventures to bring mystery to your stories and campaigns.

Winner: champ.duncan1419

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