• Justin Handlin

STRONGHOLDS & FOLLOWERS for your Dungeons and Dragons Stories and Campaigns

In Dungeons and Dragons the game transitions from local problems to national problems to global problems. Eventually, your characters build renown and recognition with those around the world.

Strongholds and Followers seeks to recreate an old-school style of play, giving the players reasons to build strongholds such as castles and interact with those who follow your characters.

Phatlootz RPG Giveaway: The Princess Project

The Princess Project anthology is a collection of adventures focusing on retelling the stories of fairy tale and mythological princesses, upturning the tropes that surround princesses, and dethroning the patriarchy. Princess Project princesses are inspired by the likes of Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and the Odyssey as rewritten by a primarily women and queer folks.

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