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Types of RPG Adventures

Updated: Apr 26

Types of RPG Adventures

Crit Academy discusses the myriad of different Roleplaying Adventures types. Fortunately for us, Martin Rayla over at the Gnome Stew Gaming Blog already tossed a great list for us to delve into. Below is a list of some of our favorite types. You can find the full list from Martin's post here.

  • Assault: This adventure type features storming castles, wiping out or running off hostile groups, tracking down space pirates, and any other scenario where the focus is on the PCs taking the fight to someone else hard.

  • Chase: Someone (or something in their possession) needs to be found or caught, and the PCs are in pursuit; alternately, the PCs can be the pursued, not the pursuers. Narrow escapes, thrilling car chases, redlined starship engines, false trails, and ambushes are the hallmarks of chase adventures.

  • Delivery: A delivery adventure involves getting an inanimate “package” from point A to point B, and features complications en route, ambushes, hazards, inclement weather, and other obstacles that make the journey a challenging one. (Escorting someone? That’s Escort, below.)

  • Disaster: From giant asteroids headed for the Earth, planet-wide earthquakes, and the wrath of the gods to hurricanes, killer viruses, and rampaging monsters, the shit really hits the fan in these adventures (and the PCs are usually in the middle of it).

  • Escort: This type has fewer variations than most, but it’s a classic: guarding a caravan and escorting someone from point A to point B are the main variants. These adventures feature ambushes, situations that endanger the escorted character(s), bonding between escorts and escorted, narrow escapes, and thrilling set-piece chases. (Delivering a thing, instead? That’s Delivery, above.)

  • Espionage: Espionage-themed adventures feature spying, subterfuge, learning or exposing secrets, clandestine activities, conspiracies, skullduggery, and conflict in the shadows. The PCs can be spies (professionals or thrust into the role), spymasters, or unwitting participants.

  • Exploration: A new planet, continent, jumpgate destination, dimension, or sealed tomb awaits! Someplace new needs discovering, or has just been discovered, or someplace lost has been found again, and the PCs must explore this new land, planet, plane, or dungeon.

  • Investigation: Investigation-themed adventures revolve around being presented with a mystery and getting to the bottom of it through detective work, science, research, poking around crime scenes, questioning witnesses and suspects, cracking codes, and similar activities.

  • Morality: Adventures about morality have a message, or they communicate a broader truth like “All people are created equal” or “Revenge is a never-ending cycle of violence.” It’s easy to be too heavy handed with the scenarios, and they don’t fit in many games — but when they work, they can pack an emotional punch.

  • Piracy: The PCs are pirates, thugs, or vagabonds, and they ply the seven seas/space lanes/planar rivers seeking treasure. Alternately, the PCs are privateers or naval officers tasked with stamping out piracy.

  • Rescue: In a rescue adventure, one or more people are in terrible danger, in prison, enslaved, or otherwise need to be saved, broken out, or freed from their captors by the PCs. (If the PCs are the captives, that’s Escape.)

  • Resistance: Resistance adventures involve the underdogs fighting against those in power through subterfuge, raids, guerrilla tactics, underground operations, and asymmetrical warfare — think Robin Hood.

  • Survival: The PCs are in a strange place (or a familiar place, but lacking resources), and they need to survive or help others survive. These adventures feature scavenging, resource management, threats to food stores, hostile people or creatures who want what little you have, living off the land, and struggling just to live another day.

  • Trade: Trade adventures revolve around things like brokering deals, securing trade agreements, wheeling and dealing, smuggling, scams, scuttling deals, mediating trade disputes, and stealing cargo.

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