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Class Analysis: Battlerager

Listen to Episode 39: Class Analysis: Battlerager

Crit Academy breaks down the Dungeons and Dragons barbarian battlerager path in the Sword Coast Adventures Guide. Some of our big takeaways of the archetype is that it really does cover all its bases. It's the only class basically use two-weapon fighting while wearing a shield. Its worth noting that since its a strength based attack, it also gets the rage damage bonus. Giving it some great defensive and offensive capabilities. It's ability to gain temporary hit points on top of its resistance makes it very durable front line fighter who can really absorb lots of damage. Check out the episode for a more indepth look at the class and all its features.

Segment 4: Unearthed Tips and Tricks! (We give you creative content for your next adventure)

Character Concept: Comes from Listener Troy: Necrocleric

This Slightly unhinged character character doesn’t see the difference between healing living and giving life to the dead. They often see bad people as a waste of life energy, so he/she is happy to drain it and puts it to good use. To the Necrocleric, dead bodies are just empty meat vessels that have no value and serve no purpose, until they are infused with energy and given commands.

Monster Variant: Expeditious Chief

Origin: Bugbear Chief

Features: Mobile Feat

+10 ft to speed

While using Dash Action, difficult terrain doesn’t cost extra movement

When making a melee attack against a creature, you don’t provoke OP attacks from that target fro the rest of the turn, regardless if you hit.

Great combo with Brute( extra weapon die dmg on hit and multiattack. Spread the love.

Encounter: A seemingly obvious betrayal(inspired by Gabe’s Ooze)

A small contingent of soldiers have had the seeming spell cast upon them. The spell changes their appearance to that of another faction, maybe an ally of the victim. This is used to creates tension between allies or could be used to cause an all out war between two factions about to make peace

Magic Item: Gauntlet of the Iron Fist


1d4 charges recovered at dawn.

These golden gauntlets are adorned with an image of a dragon surrounded by enemies and letting out an intimidating roar.

When you make an unarmed attack while wearing these gauntlets you can expend one charge and use your bonus action, the gauntlet glows with a blinding golden light and you cast Thunder wave at its lowest level with a DC of 13.

Dungeon Master Tip: Give unconscious characters love

Generally all they get is a death save then their turn is over. Give brief description of what their character is experiencing during loss of consciousness, a nightmare, or living their dream goal or seeing a loved one who has passed.

Take this opportunity to have the characters experience a revelation

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick!

Show your DM some appreciation

Thank them after every session

Applaud their efforts when doing voices

Buy them a beer/soda to start the session with.

Write them a note when they do something that you can tell took extra work

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