• Justin Handlin

Blind Adventuring

Listen to Episode 46: Blind Adventuring

Crit Academy is joined by special guest Cody Care. Cody's blind condition doesn't stop him from embarking on fantastic journeys to realms unknown. He shares with us challenges of playing Dungeons and Dragons while blind, and the cool tools that he uses to overcome those challenges. Also, we laugh our asses off nearly the entire time. :)

Segment 3: Main Topic: Adventuring for the Blind!

Challenge: Learning rules:

  • Does the book come in braille? No legal PDF.

  • A text document?

  • Audiobook

Update: NLS at the Library of Congress has made #DnD more accessible with the release of the #DungeonsAndDragons Player's Handbook in a fully navigable audio form (DB91838)!! Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual to follow soon. Learn more: http://loc.gov/thatallmayread.

How to overcome:

  • DnDbeyond.com app with speech synthesizing software

  • Have a friend help read rules

  • Youtube videos - dawnforgedcast - Jorphdan - Nerdarchy


  • It’s important to describe your characters, not just their class and background:

  • Physical appearance - color of equipment, unique designs/sigils

  • Smells

  • Mannerisms

  • Pushes for descriptions by doing combo points; action point/surge

Challenge: Character Sheets:

  • How do you fill out and utilize a character sheet?

  • Created special word document - bastardized templates from internet

  • Once filled out, can it be converted to braille?

How to overcome:

  • www.robobraille.org can convert and document to an accessible format. Requires braille printer.

  • DnDbeyond.com

  • Roll20 has digital forms

Challenge: Dice Rolls

  • Vast majority of polyhedron dice are tiny numbers are hard enough to see with 20/20 vision.

How to overcome:

  • Ex