• Justin Handlin

Reskinning/Reflavoring Classes

Listen to Episode 48: Reskinning/Reflavoring Classes Here

When it comes to game such as Dungeons and Dragons, many players find themselves always associating class mechanics to specific details outlined in the books they are reading. This leads to a sort of tunnel vision. Rogues, sneak attack, barbarians rage, bards inspire, and that is pretty much it. Players treating classes as their mechanics is the single largest reason for players wishing there are more options. What many fail to grasp, is that the descriptions in the books, are just the beginning of your roleplaying options.

You can easily reflavor or reskin any mechanic to be anything you want. In this episode, Crit Academy is joined by a close friend and excellent roleplayer. He brings his own unique idea to life by replacing descriptions of rage, spells and bardic inspiration in a fantastic way. By stripping away his blinders, he re-envisions a multiclass into a look and feel of a character class that can summon the spirits his ancestors to aide himself and allies in battle. This new reflavored class is called "The Voice of the Ancients".

The beauty of reflavoring, is there is simply no change to mechanics, thus no risk for the Dungeon Master introducing unbalanced, untested material. Reflavoring can revitalize old classes, and bring a new fresh look at multiclassing.

You can find a PDF of his Voice of the Ancients Character Sheet below.

Voice of the Ancients PDF

Class: Voice of the Ancients

Reskinned: Bard/Barbarian Multiclass

Features: Compare and Contrast

PH Rage:

  • In battle, you fight with primal ferocity

Reskin: Ancient Spirit Bond, Harald Valdur First Warrior King of the Valsun Empire

  • The spirit of an ancient warrior appears over you. He is transparent and moves with you granting you strength and protection.

PH Bard Spellcasting

  • Playing music as a form of spellcasting.


  • All bardic spells and songs are performed in the form of rhythmic chants in the forgotten language of Ancient Vülric. While the words are impossible to understand the power of the Ancients Call makes the meaning of the chants unmistakably clear.

PH Bardic Inspiration:

  • You can inspire others through stirring words or music. Bardic Inspiration Die

Reskin: Ancients Call: Ancients Help Die

  • You tell an ancient spirit to assist a player. When they use the Help Die a spirit appears to help them with their attack or ability check or protects them from the saving throw.

PH Jack of all trades:

  • Basically you have studied many skills, add half proficiency bonus to non proficient skills.

Reskin: Ancients Experiences

  • Ancients who are more capable or knowledgeable than you will assist you in your skill checks.

PH Song of Rest:

  • You can use soothing music or oration to help revitalize your wounded allies during a short rest