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Let's Build a DnD Adventure

Crit Academy builds a Dungeons and Dragons adventure with the audience. We got to celebrate our shows first birthday and halloween at the same time. Though, only brandon dressed up, like a succubus. It was great.

We open up our Dungeon Master's Guide and go through the adventure building tables offered on page 74 and attempt to build a fun, engaging and unique adventure.

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Main Topic: Let’s build an adventure!

Tables can be found on page 74 in the Dungeon Master's Guide

Below is the written result from our rolls and discussion with the audience.

Goals: City of Rondas Bluff

Win a bet or complete a rite of passage by surviving in the dungeon for a certain amount of time.

The dragon's lair molds to the fears of those who enter. Utilize the fear spell for reference.

Adventure Villain: Kurtverix

Dragon bent on domination and plunder

Shadow dragon that feeds on fear.

  • Villain Scheme: pg 94(Do bullet points after adventure is filled out-if time available)

Adventure Allies:

Revenge Seeker

Lord family was sacrificed and building courage to fight fear to starve the dragon.

De cheder

Adventure Patrons:

Respected Elder - De Dellus-

Location Details: Dungeon or Exotic location? Pg 99 DMG

Around Geyser - Town geyser, only source of fresh water, entrance to dragon's lair

Who Created the Dungeon?

Dungeon History:

Kuo-toa fishmen- humans forced them out - built underneath

Adventure Introduction: pg 74

An NPC the characters care about needs them to go to the adventure location.

Some ppl who don’t want change, others do.

Adventure Climax:

The adventurers must choose whether to pursue the fleeing main villain or save an N PC they care about or a group of innocents.


The adventurers are racing against other creatures with the same or opposite goal.

Unearthed Tips and Tricks! (We give you creative content for your next adventure)

Character Concept: All Natural focus.

Bjarne Nielsen:

My wife’s high elf druid, Aleatha, has no druidic focus, so she instead channels her powerful nature magic through her pet mouse, Bob. I found this idea too friggin’ awesome not to allow in our home game.

Monster Variant: Axeylosaurus

Origin: Anklyosaurus:

New Feature:

Axe Tail Sweep: This creature has a massive axe attached to the end of its tail. When this creature makes a Tail attack and the target creature fails its saving throw and is knocked prone, the Axeylosaurus may make an additional Tail attack as slashing damage.

Tail Beat: 2/day: When an enemy is attacking, the Axeylosaurus can slam his tail onto the ground kicking up dirt and dust between itself and the attacking enemy. When this creature is attacked by a creature within 30 feet that it can see, it can use its reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll, causing dust and debris to blind the target. An attack that can’t be blinded is immune to this feature.

Encounter: No Rest for the Heroes!

Players often take short rests immediately following a difficult encounter.

Plan for this, really catch them by surprise.

That bench that they are taking a short breather on? Why not make it a mimic?

The mimic has been so synonymous with trapped treasure chests, they won’t even see it coming

Magic Item: Alluring Powder

Taymin Harvey:

When this fine white powder is combined with a strand of hair from its target and is added to food or drink, the meal or beverage becomes simply irresistible to the one it’s intended for.

Dungeon Master Tip: Campaign Calendar - Gabe Kleinert

Create and use a campaign calendar! It doesn’t have to be anything complex, but if you keep track of roughly where in the year your campaign is, it can make the world feel more real. If the campaign starts in the summer and then transition into fall, winter, spring, and summer again as the campaign progresses.

To make it even better, add in campaign specific holidays and remember to use them! The harvest festival can be a great opportunity for roleplaying, the winter solstice is a great deadline for evil necromancer’s plan, and having a day devoted to love or fellowship can be awesome if the players remember how they spent last year’s love festival sitting alone by themselves. (but this time, they’ve got a wonderful guy or gal that they’ve been wooing over the past year.)

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick - Gabe Kleinert

Bring several weapons! 5e does a great job of giving certain enemies resistances so specific weapon types, so bring along a couple extra weapons to deal with undead and the like. Sure you use a sword, but couldn't you also keep a warhammer and a dagger for when you need some bludgeoning or piercing damage? Not only that, but if you have extra weapons then if the DM disarms you or an ally you can just toss them a spare and get right back into the fighting!

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