• Justin Handlin

Let's Build a DnD Adventure

Crit Academy builds a Dungeons and Dragons adventure with the audience. We got to celebrate our shows first birthday and halloween at the same time. Though, only brandon dressed up, like a succubus. It was great.

We open up our Dungeon Master's Guide and go through the adventure building tables offered on page 74 and attempt to build a fun, engaging and unique adventure.

Watch on youtube.

Main Topic: Let’s build an adventure!

Tables can be found on page 74 in the Dungeon Master's Guide

Below is the written result from our rolls and discussion with the audience.

Goals: City of Rondas Bluff

Win a bet or complete a rite of passage by surviving in the dungeon for a certain amount of time.

The dragon's lair molds to the fears of those who enter. Utilize the fear spell for reference.

Adventure Villain: Kurtverix

Dragon bent on domination and plunder

Shadow dragon that feeds on fear.

  • Villain Scheme: pg 94(Do bullet points after adventure is filled out-if time available)

Adventure Allies:

Revenge Seeker

Lord family was sacrificed and building courage to fight fear to starve the dragon.

De cheder

Adventure Patrons:

Respected Elder - De Dellus-

Location Details: Dungeon or Exotic location? Pg 99 DMG

Around Geyser - Town geyser, only source of fresh water, entrance to dragon's lair

Who Created the Dungeon?

Dungeon History:

Kuo-toa fishmen- humans forced them out - built underneath

Adventure Introduction: pg 74

An NPC the characters care about needs them to go to the adventure location.

Some ppl who don’t want change, others do.

Adventure Climax:

The adventurers must choose whether to pursue the fleeing main villain or save an N PC they care about or a group of innocents.