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Savage Encounters

Crit Academy is joined by the best selling Dmsguild.com Author Jeff Stevens. Jeff is one of the top writers and content creators on the DMsguild, where he creates amazing Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition supplements. He joins us to talk about his amazing Encounters series. Make sure to visit Jeff and check out his amazing content!

Listen to our interview with Jeff here:

Savage Encounters Developer Jeff Stevens

Jeff, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

What is your most memorable D&D moment?

Can you tell us a little bit more about Savage Encounters/Jungles and how it came to be?

Can you tell us a little bit about the crew you work with?

What makes Savage Encounters/Jungles different from other DMsguild products?

Can you walk us through the process for their development?

What was/is your favorite part of the development process?

What kind of challenges did run into?

How did you overcome those challenges?

Do you have a favorite encounter from your material?

Any new secret projects coming up that you can give the listeners a little taste of?

Jeff Steven’s Newsletter:


Unearthed Tips and Tricks! (We give you creative content for your next adventure)

Character Concept: Listener: Troy Zeisler - Catnip Fever - Tabaxi Drunken Fist

Replace love of alcohol with an addiction to catnip

Change brewer proficiency to make a fermented catnip drink

Himself and other tabaxi are horribly addicted to

All other races find it absolutely vile in taste and smell

It can be the reverse bourbon toe - tries to sell it all around wherever he goes, but nobody wants any.

Make a name for himself haha as the tabaxi with that nasty shit.

Monster Variant: Sapper Fish

Origin: Quipper:


Sap Strength: A creature hit by bite of the sapper fish has its stamina sapped and they begin to experience high levels of fatigue. The target must succeed a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or suffer one level of exhaustion.

Encounter: Jeff Stevens - Savage Jungles

Stiggy Tong:

Players hunted by chameleon type beast - nearly impossible to perceive

Sneaks up on the player in the back of the formation

Has a sticky tongue to auto grapple on hit

Magic Item: - Jeff Stevens

Cursed Trinket

The Key to Something

Wondrous item, uncommon

Curse: Whoever touches this key will be cursed. You will believe that this key opens a lock and you will be obsessed with finding the lock that it operates. Anytime you are near a keyhole you will attempt to use the key to see if it operates the lock. You will keep this key in your possession until you find the lock that it operates.

In addition, the key is always in your possession and you will not want to give it away, sell it, or leave it. The curse remains in effect until you are targeted by the remove curse spell or similar magic.

Dungeon Master Tip:

Patron: Leigh Pierce DM Tip: Use music/sound effects to set the mood.








Roll20’s jukebox

Player Tip: Player Tip: Do reconnaissance!

Instead of just charging into an enemy base, take time to scout for patrol patterns, obvious defenses.

Tail and ambush the messengers to learn what important information is being passed on

Disguise yourselves and learn what to expect in advance before entering the enemy's stronghold

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