• Justin Handlin

Cloak and Dagger DnD Adventures

Crit Academy discusses running Cloak and Dagger style Dungeons and Dragons adventures. In Dungeons and Dragons, there is a myriad of ways to go about building adventures, most follow a simple dungeon crawl. Wander through a dungeon, slay monsters, and loot treasure. While this is good and fun, sometimes we need more, a change of pace. Cloak and Dagger style adventures are more about sneaking into an evil baron's mansion and slaying him while he sleeps, as the adventures can't take on his massive contingent of guards. Or planning to poison the baron during dinner, or having the balcony "collapse in an accident" when he walks out onto it. We discuss this and many more techniques for running a Cloak and Dagger Adventure.

Objectives for running a DnD Cloak and Dagger adventures:

A simple example is to sneak into an evil baron's mansion to slay him. Too many guards for a direct assault.

  • Is there a secondary goal?

  • What method is to be used?

  • Do the players choose? Or does the employer decide?

  • Poison by his favorite dish?

  • Decapitation? Head as proof of your success?

  • Hanging? Set it up to look like a suicide?

  • What happens when they succeed at their task, but leave behind evidence?\

All of these things are important when designing a very cloak and dagger adventure.

The purpose of stealth is to remain undetected:

  • Hiding behind objects,

  • Putting on a disguise or glamour spell

  • Bribery